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Vintage Camera Café in South Korea

Camera Café in South Korea

In the countryside of South Korea, only 10 kilometres from the capital (Seoul) you can find a very unique building, a distinct café that gives the opportunity to visitors to go inside the classic Rolleiflex camera The brand of Rolleiflex is owned by Rollei (a company that manufactures photoproducts). The design of the building is a copy of the...

These Colour Photos of Paris Were Shot 100 Years Ago

Photos of Paris Taken 100 Years Ago

Who could guess that the photos below were taken 100 years ago? Difficult to do since we upload the same quality images on Instagram nowadays. In 1909 a very rich banker from France (Albert Kahn) came to the decision of creating a photo-record of our world using the trendy Autochrome Lumiere (new colour photography process). From the beginning of...

Stunning Pink Landscapes Of The Deadly African Congo

Pink Landscapes Of The Deadly African Congo

The storytelling photos below were captured by the very daring photographer Richard Mosse in the war torn territory of the Congo in Africa. According to USATODAY Millions have died in two decades of fighting in this stunning landscape of jungle, volcanoes and rolling farms about the size of the Eastern USA. In a first, the U.N. Security Council...

High School Students React Pricelessly To Beautiful Compliment

Beautiful People

Shea Glover, a high school student in Chicago, during a school project filmed different students while telling them that they are beautiful. The reactions are priceless. What began as independent project ended up becoming a social experiment were different unsuspecting students were filmed. During the filming the students were explained the point...

35 Rare Photos of the Construction of the Titanic

Rare Photos of Titanic's Construction

Serious question fellow Lazy Penguins: Do you know what Titanic was? (I hope 99.9% of you said yes!). In this post we will show you 35 photos from the construction of Titanic (which began on March 31, 1909). Below you can see a short description from Wikipedia regarding Titanic (for those who don’t know everything in detail). RMS Titanic was a...

Fukushima After The Disaster | What It Looks Like Today

Fukushima Today

Arkadiusz Podniesinski has managed to capture many incredible shots of what the Fukushima near the nuclear distaster looks like today. The photos tells us a couple of interesting things about the area. One of them is that nature always find a way. Just by looking at the photos we can see how vegetation and wildlife is overtaking what human...

Extremely Impressive Instagrams by Dylan Schwartz

Stunning Instagrams

Photography again fellow lazy penguins – Today’s photographer is called Dylan, and he comes forward by inventing a new way of fro brand to tell their story to the customers. Mr Schwartz is the very same creator of the first social car configurator for the company of Toyota by partnering with Google in order to leverage the potential of...

The Funniest Wildlife Photos In The World For 2015

Comedy And Wildlife

Recently were held the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for 2015. The contest puts together a great number of hilarious photos of animals from different photographers around the world. The goal is to find the funniest and most masterful of all for the year. The winner this year was Julian Rad. It’s needless to say that the winner as...

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