6 Fashion-Forward Looks for Summer 2021

Fashion styles change each season, and summer 2021 is no different. If you’re planning a summer filled with activities, you might also be thinking about what to wear for each occasion. It’s no longer cold outdoors, so it’s time to ditch the extra long trench coats for something lighter and casual. There are several ways to look trendy during this season, whether on a night date, road trip, or beach vacation.

1. Crop Tops

Cropped pieces are an easy pick for the perfect summer outfit. There’s a good reason why they’re such a huge success. They’re stylish while also keeping you cool whenever you feel like venturing outdoors on a hot day. You can pair them with stylish denim shorts or any skirt for a sophisticated and chic look all around.

2. Baggy Shirts

An oversized shirt is one of the trendy outfits you can wear for a fun weekend out with friends. It’s the perfect way to stay comfortable, whether at a party with friends or on a late night out. Baggy shirts are versatile, and chances are there’s something cozy in your closet you can easily pair with the outfit. On a hot day, you can style it up with shorts and accentuate the overall look with your favorite pair of heels. If it gets too cold, slip into your classy jacket for some warmth without losing your relaxed look.

3. Designer Glasses

Designer glasses never go out of fashion and are an excellent way to showcase your fashionista side this summer. They come in a variety of styles, including eye-catching colored lenses that you can match with any stylish dress or simple outfit. For a standout look in any crowd, try large sunglasses with oversized frames. You can even go with retro or vintage frame styles that look as fresh today as they did decades ago. No matter what you wear on a day out, Gucci glasses pair well with any summer look.

4. Small Bags

Small bags keep making waves from time to time, and this summer is no different. They invoke a minimalist vibe with their stylish, lightweight, and compact design, which makes them easy to pack and bring on a sightseeing trip or night out. Some people love carrying a small bag because it forces them to only pack the essentials on any short outing. The bags are efficient to carry around, but they can also complement your look with their striking beauty.

5. Matching Sets

Matching sets are easy as they’re a complete look by default. Once you pick a style that makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous, you just slip it on. It would be great for vacation when you don’t want to overthink what to wear.

Just as with most trendy outfits this summer, matching sets come in a variety of styles. Some of the more popular designs sport creative cutouts, which are great for staying cool and chic in warmer weather. You’ll also see vibrant colors or mixed textures on some of the trending coordinated two-piece outfits.

6. Long Shorts

Long shorts, especially Bermuda designs, are gracing designer red carpets yet again. Keep them on your radar as another chic, semi-casual option for one of your summer outings. There are different ways to style them for optimal comfort and great looks.

To simplify things, you can go with neutral tones or clean lines, such as a black bodysuit and white shorts. You can also pair your Bermuda shorts with your favorite crop top for a head-turning, cool look in the summer heat. Accentuate your style with a sleek belt, designer mini bag, and trendy silver or gold anklet on a family day trip to the beach.

Stylish Summer Outfits

There are stylish ways to dress the part as you savor the great summer outdoors this year. Since it’s all about looking good without compromising comfort, you can follow your own rules and decide what to wear provided it’s fashionable and accommodative of the warm weather. Feel your best this summer with some new style choices.