6 Essential Things To Buy For Your Dog

There’s a reason all proud dog owners consider their pet to be their own furry bundle of joy. And just as you would when expecting any new family member, you must prepare your home accordingly. On that note, here are the six main things you need to buy for your dog.

The Right Leash and Collar

Firstly you need a dog tag which has your name, address and phone number, as well as your furkid’s name engraved on it, just in case your kid goes a-wandering.  ly. This tag goes on a collar that your dog must wear at all times. When you buy the collar, make sure it’s not made of itchy material as your dog will be wearing it for long periods of time. To ensure a collar is a good fit, make sure you can fit two fingers underneath it while it is around your dog’s neck.

Choosing a leash can depend on the breed of your dog. Perhaps your dog is better suited to a harness, obedient dogs may be able to have an adjustable leash, and others may need a headcollar. Ask your dog trainer or veterinarian for their opinions as well. 

A Crate / Dog Bed 

The next thing on the list is to set up a comfy, cozy bed for your pooch so that they feel at home. Getting a crate is ideal for a little pup as this helps you during potty training; dogs will never do their business where they sleep. Make sure you never use the crate or dog bed as a punishment; put their toys and treats there to create a positive space that they will want to spend time in. 

Appropriate Sized Bowls

Make sure that the bowl is an appropriate size. Bigger dogs may need a bowl stand so that they don’t have to bend down too far. Choosing the right size can also help with portion control. You want to feed your dog a nutritious diet and make sure you’re not over or under feeding them. 

You’ll need to be sure of getting the right sort of food for your dog. He or she might have allergies or be a fussy eater, so choose your food carefully. To ensure they’re getting enough nutrients, consider what dog probiotics do to boost their health as well. Choose treats and chewable toys with their health in mind; some ingredients aren’t suitable for your dog. Furthermore, make sure that when choosing the aforementioned snacks that they are the right size for your dog to avoid a choking hazard. 

Waste Items 

Invest in some puppy pads to start potty training. Your dog won’t be able to go outside until they have received all their vaccinations; puppy pads will help you with training and reduce the cleanup. As trying as this stage can be, it won’t last long. Dogs tend to get the hang of going outside to do their business quite quickly. Then, you will need waste bags to pick up their droppings. 

Shower Products

Pups, like babies, will be very sensitive to certain shampoos. Always be careful about this when looking for the best products for their fur. Research how often your breed needs to be washed as some require more grooming than others. 

Stimulating Toys

Mental stimulation is even more important than physical stimulation to ensure an obedient dog. Purchasing toys that encourage interactive games like fetch or toys that allow you to insert treats for your dog to figure out how to retrieve them will ensure your dog is stimulated. Also, when choosing chew toys, make sure these are healthy. Dental chew toys are the best to ensure good oral health. 

Your pup will need help readjusting to your home and making it their own. And a lot of the essential items on this list are needed to help with dog training. Always observe your dog when trying a new item, and contact your vet whenever you want advice.