ExpoMarketing: Above and Beyond

What makes a company a leader in its field? Is it down to a truly exceptional customer-focused team who finds out precisely what their client is looking to do? A design team that consistently over-delivers on project ideas for each of their clients, turning each idea into a fully functional piece of equipment? Or is it the drive a company has not just to be the biggest, but also to keep innovating the industry it serves? We look today at a company that has reached a position within its field, is known not just as an industry leader but a company that is continuously innovating the industry it serves.

Customs designs; from concept to reality

ExpoMarketing has been creating bespoke event exhibition areas for its clients since 1991. To survive this long in such a competitive field, it takes grit and determination alongside an ability to create something no one else can and to keep doing it consistently. Over at ExpoMarketing, the team prides itself on a truly customizable experience when it comes to designing and bringing your project to life. They have a team of Account Executives ready to dive in and find out precisely what you’re looking for, why you need it, and when. All of this combined allows ExpoMarketing to get a clear understanding of your needs and how they can help you. From here, a team of industry-leading designers will be contacting you to understand your concept and turn this idea into reality. Having worked with niche, innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies, it’s evident that ExpoMarketing has the experience to offer something truly above and beyond.

Cammie from Applause said of ExpoMarketing: “Just wanted to send across a quick thank you to the ExpoMarketing team for an incredible booth! All the feedback I have gotten has been just amazing, people were even taking pictures of it for inspiration for their own booths! I’d absolutely love to explore additional options with you guys in terms of future booths.”

A lot of companies will have very exceptional reviews on the website, just like ExpoMarketing. The difference between a lot of companies is the reviews do not match the work, and sometimes it is clear to see from images and external reports. ExpoMarketing is one of the few companies who has done the job to back these reviews up, time and time again. You can’t get here by being commercial, or just having a great design team, this is something that comes from a raw passion for the industry and clients you serve, day in, day out. There are a plethora of reviews on their website with a plethora of pictures of truly incredible design work to back this up.

I’d recommend anyone here reading who is interested in looking at conceptual designs for exhibition space that will make you stand out amongst the crowd, to go and visit the ExpoMarketing website. Even if you’re not currently thinking about booking an area, it’s worth just looking at the beautiful stands they’ve created.