Interesting Food From Around The Globe

Are any foods really worth the effort of traveling the world to get to taste them? Some people seem to think so. For some, you might have to make an effort and travel overseas, but there are some dishes you can enjoy in the United States and several other developed countries, too.

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Without further ado, here are several meals you might want to check out if you’re ever in one of these places.

Eat a slice of white pizza in Pennsylvania

Everybody loves pizza, right? But this one you can find at the Old Forge Pizza in Pennsylvania, and unlike some of the other varieties you might have tried in the rest of the United States or even in Europe, this one’s creamy, cheesy, and heartwarming all over.

Another thing that makes the difference between this type and others is that it has a double crust. While it might be tempting to think that it resembles calzone, it really doesn’t as the crust is far thinner and that’s what makes it crunchy, yet gooey at the same time.

Egg custard tarts from Portugal

Portugal has a long history of making some of the best egg custard tarts ever to have seen the light of day. Originally, the treat was first crafted in Lisbon approximately 200 years ago by some of the nuns at the Jeronimos Monastery. After having come up with the recipe, the nuns opened a bakery in a Lisbon neighborhood, Belem.

Khinkali in the Republic of Georgia

If you’ve ever looked up a picture of these, you might tend to think that they’re good old dumplings. And let’s face it, lots of nations have their dumplings from the Polish to the Romanians. However, these are unique as they are stuffed with freshly minced meat and an array of herbs and condiments that renders them incredibly delicious.

Because the soup they are boiled in gets into the dumplings, those enjoying the meal are advised to take a small bite out of a dumpling, sip a little of the broth and then start eating it. The meal is usually consumed piping hot, so be careful!

Samoosas in South Africa

Samosas originate from India, but South Africans invented a way of making them even more interesting, at least for their own people. In this country, the snack is filled with a broad range of ingredients, with some of the popular ones being mixes of feta and spinach and onion and cheese.

Quesadillas in Mexico

Nothing beats quesadillas eaten where they were first invented, and that’s because Mexicans know what the right ingredients are and the process of cooking them is far more natural. You can, of course, use a machine for delicious quesadillas even at home, but it might not turn out the same as where it was invented.

Some of the resources we’ve used for this article recommend checking out Ricas Quesadillas on Orizaba 209 or Tianguis Condesa. There’s also the Mercado de Antojitos in Coyoacán, where quesadillas are deep-fried.