London Fashion Week – get ahead of the trend

While a visit to London Fashion Week will highlight what the big fashion houses have to offer and what the future trends will be, there’s also a lot to be said for what goes on outside of the shows.

Lots of fashion fans make the effort to attend the week-long event with some excellent catwalk shows and stunning designs on offer but there’s more to London than that.

Indeed, many fashion experts will not just be watching those who attend the shows since there’s a lot to recommend checking out the people in the street where the show-goers will be showing off their latest looks.

Burberry Prorsum: Runway - LFW Autumn/Winter
Burberry Prorsum: Runway – LFW Autumn/Winter

For many fashion watchers, the streets around a catwalk show become an unofficial catwalk in themselves and offer more ideas of what trends and styles are currently popular and which are set to take off.

This trend for watching the show-goers around the venues took off in New York but it is also growing in popularity in London too.

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It must be said that many fashion designers also enjoy looking at the street fashions in the capital – though probably not many of those who design and make beautiful designer wedding dresses in London! – as a source of inspiration since there are lots of fashion conscious people wearing what suits them and helping them stand out from the crowd.

Designing beautiful designer wedding dresses
Designing beautiful designer wedding dresses

The other issue to appreciate is that the growing number of fashion bloggers are also turning out in large numbers for the fashion events and will be parading their own styles and taking lots of photographs of people too.

Not only are these bloggers reporting on the latest fashion trends but they are also wearing them.

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Indeed, it’s also possible to meet some of the best known names in fashion and fashion journalists who will be attending the shows travelling between the catwalks but on the streets outside as well; that could be an interesting diversion should someone be looking at wedding dresses in London, for example.

Main fashion houses in London Fashion Week
Main fashion houses in London Fashion Week

It’s also possible to enjoy the new trends of the main fashion houses who are moving some of their new catwalk designs into the stores more quickly than before rather than waiting several months before doing so. It is possible also to gain access to racks of designer clothes on offer to enjoy fashion at a cut-price and be ahead of future trends.

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Some of the best known fashion houses are opting to bring some of their shows to buyers as quickly as possible so those who are at the shows, or in London at least, can snap up the more popular items before they get anywhere near to the shops; even those visiting an impressive bridal shop in London can find wedding day bargains and every-day wear too.

Bridal shop
Bridal shop

Essentially, attending London Fashion Week not only gives a fashion fan a chance to get ahead of the latest trend but also helps them enjoy what is an extravagant industry with a lot to offer.