Online Casino Tattoo: Controversial Marketing of Skinvertising

In today’s day and age, not much surprises people. We’ve all seen various marketing stunts that seem bizarre to some but are a form of genius to others. Skinvertising hangs in that exact balance. We’re used to ads being pushed toward us. But imagine talking to someone who has an advert for an online casino tattooed on their forehead. Getting a permanent tattoo to advertise a brand has become a controversial marketing strategy. Yet, the strange nature of this marketing tactic does not repel many people. We see how many people continue to provide ad space on visible parts of the skin to different companies. 

The idea, however weird it may seem, has been around since the early 2000s and has been gaining popularity ever since. It was first used by dot-coms that were loaded with cash and reverted to skinvertising. Soon, a lot of other sites started to acquire skin space and even the online gambling industry joined in, searching for human billboards to display their ads. We’ve got the scoop on this from LeafletCasino experts who have provided us with valuable information on how online casinos have jumped on the bandwagon. We know through the provided material that people who opt for a tattoo ad are usually motivated by money. 

The Most Unbelievable Permanent Casino Tattoo

A number of companies post skinvertising jobs for renting or buying space on human skin. A woman from Salt Lake City, Karolyne Smith, got tattooed on her forehead. She gained almost 10000 USD from the gambling site. The cash helped pay her child’s tuition for private school. She set up an eBay auction to raise some much-needed cash. Karolyne also put up an auction offering any company to pay 10000 USD to get a permanent tattoo of the name and logo on her forehead.

Becoming a human billboard requires some serious commitment. Karolyne soon got an offer from a popular online gambling site Being a woman of her word, Karolyne got the casino’s logo printed on her forehead in black block letters. Smith never thought twice about it, even when she went to get it inked, and was repeatedly counseled by the artists against getting the tattoo. It comes as a shock to think that is not a legit operator in the majority of US states anymore.

“Forehead Goldie”’s followers

Karolyne Smith became an internet legend, and the hysteria surrounding her act of getting the online casino tattoo gained her a fan following. She was nicknamed ‘Forehead Goldie’. Her ad ranked №2 in the most viewed ads on eBay. One can imagine how many online casinos might have looked at the ad and considered buying advertising space. 

Karolyne Smith became a trendsetter and inspired others to follow suit. Another man from Canada got the same tattoo on his forehead. Moffatt fits the profile of someone having an odd tattoo on their forehead. Unlike Smith, Moffatt was attempting to break records with the number of tattoos and piercings on his body. One more company logo on his forehead hardly looked out of place. 

However, changes to the gambling law within the US meant a change in the legality of online casinos, which made the skinvertising rush calm down. The potential human billboards realized that they may not be paid for the performance, and the companies may not get a reliable source of ad. That’s the reason why the legit operators which obtained all the necessary licenses and certificates in a given region still apply more traditional marketing means. So, by the beginning of 2012 it was not possible for Americans to gamble at The casino provided the necessary funds to help Karolyne Smith have the advertisement removed.

Temporary Casino Tattoo Ads, a legal casino in the early 2000s, indulged in a number of various outrageous advertising stunts, including buying temporary space on a woman’s chest to display their logo. Human billboards became a big trend in sports advertising. The athletes who reveal the most skin were reached out to by many advertisers. Temporary tattoos were also huge in the boxing world about a decade ago – Bernard Hopkins made 100,000 USD for wearing a temporary ad for the casino in a big fight. However, this trend in the boxing world was put to a stop soon because of issues with other sponsorships and the boxing arena itself. 

The Parting Shot

If you’re left wondering if skinvertising actually works, the answer might be yes. However controversial the idea may be, it is a comparatively cheap way for brands to promote their products and boost the sales. Maybe the utter shock and awe of encountering someone with a tattoo of a brand makes it work. It is definitely something out of the ordinary and would prompt questions from people like: “what is so special about the brand?” However, selling space on your skin takes a lot of commitment because one thing is for sure: the inked-in adverts have proved to be more ephemeral than the dot-coms that created them.