Summering in the Mediterranean in 2018 Onboard a Private Yacht

Although, it has certainly seemed this year that winter refuses to end, the summer season is on the horizon. It will be here before we know it. So, there’s no time to waste in making plans for a blissful summer getaway in the Mediterranean. There are many amazing destinations to choose from in the Med, but there’s really only one ideal way to experience whichever corner of this sun-drenched region takes your fancy – onboard your own private yacht charter.

Perhaps the prospect of hitting the hottest beach clubs and most exclusive nightspots of the Balearics or the Cote d’Azur lights your fire. Or, maybe you’re more in the mood for lazing the day away on deserted beaches, where you can drink in the sunshine and cool off in crystalline sapphire seas, Whatever your summer fantasy destination for 2018 might be, it will truly only ascend to the heights of perfection from the plush environs of your Mediterranean yacht charter.

Here are some of this year’s most talked-about Mediterranean destinations. And, if you’re ready to summer in style, simply hop onboard your magnificent yacht and direct your captain to chart a course to the sun-soaked getaway of your dreams.

Cruising in Croatia

Although still relatively undiscovered, compared to some of the other, more well-known Mediterranean spots, the gemlike coastline of Croatia is definitely generating some serious buzz as a go-to destination for 2018 – and as an irresistible mecca for superyachters.

Explore a multitude of tiny islands that can really only be done justice from the sea, from the deck of your luxurious private yacht charter in Croatia. Sunbathe and sip chilled champagne, as your yacht meanders along Croatia’s gorgeous shoreline.

Swim in the translucent waters of echoing caves. Scuba dive on shipwrecks and keep your eyes open for sunken treasure. Wander through the marble-clad streets of the lovely city of Split, once the retirement resort of Roman emperor, Diocletian.

Tantalise your taste buds with delectable Croatian fare, prepared by your yacht’s talented chef and paired expertly with outstanding varietals. Rub shoulders and dance the night away with fellow pleasure-lovers who have gravitated from all over the globe to the clubs of Hvar.

Escape to the Fashionable Aeolian Islands and Sicily

The yachting playground for the fashion icons and trendsetters, such as Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the glorious Aeolian Islands nestle like precious gems in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Sicily. In order to take full advantage of all that these isles have to bestow – including ebony-sand beaches, majestic volcanic scenery and an ultra-sophisticated nightlife scene – you’ll definitely want to get to know them from the lavish surroundings of your private yacht charter to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.

Tender to virtually deserted black-sand beaches on pastoral Filicudi. Gasp in awe at the sight of the still-active volcano on Stromboli. Move sinuously to the infectious beats at Raya on Panarea or kick your shoes off at one of the nightlong parties on Spiaggia Bianca Beach on Lipari.

Anchor in picture-perfect coves and forget that the rest of the world even exists. Swim in placid jade waters off the side of your yacht and sip chilled Sicilian Grillo, a local varietal the colour of summer sunshine.

Join Jetsetters on the French Riviera

The mere mention of the French Riviera conjures up thoughts of a lifestyle that defines opulence. This regions brings to mind winding cornice roads, overlooking panoramic views of the Mediterranean, celebrities accepting awards at Cannes Film Festival, cars roaring through Monte Carlo streets during the Monaco Grand Prix and so much more. There’s no better way to become a part of the iconic South of France scene this summer than onboard your personal yacht charter in the French Riviera.

Follow the the famous Cote d’Azur coastline as you cruise past on your sleek yacht, and see it the way very few ever do – from the sea. Shop in the chic boutiques of Nice or savour a palate-stimulating meal at one of that city’s renowned dining establishments.

Stroll through the narrow, cobbled alleys of a quaint hilltop town that dates back to the Middle Ages. Check out one of the super-exclusive beach clubs in Saint Tropez.

Enjoy a five-course masterpiece of French cuisine, cooked by your personal chef and served with flawlessly paired vintages on the deck of your private yacht charter with the glimmering lights of the French Riviera as your backdrop.

Live La Dolce Vita on the Italian Riviera

Timeless beauty beckons you to the Italian Riviera, in the form of impossibly picturesque pastel-hued villages, serene secluded bays and translucent blue waters. Make the most of this, plus everything else that this famed area displays, on a luxury yacht charter in the Italian Riviera.

Feast your eyes on the enchanting fishing towns of the Cinque Terre, which seem to be built directly into rocky cliff-sides, from your front-row perch on deck. Put into the charming harbour at Portofino and step ashore to sample this region’s wonders, such as aromatic cups of espresso in sun-splashed piazzas and home-cooked meals made from fresh produce farmed in nearby Tuscany. Back out at sea, anchor in natural coves where you can swim endless hours away in the glistening Mediterranean waters.

Celebrate Ibiza’s Endless Nights

When it comes to nightlife in the Mediterranean, nowhere has come yet come close to knocking Ibiza off of its partying pinnacle. And, 2018 promises to be no different. No doubt this scintillating Balearic Island will retain its mantle this summer as the party capital of not only the Med, but of Europe.

If you’re keen to participate in the epic parties that will certainly unfold on the isle this year, the supreme way to do this is from the surrounds of your luxurious floating hideaway, your own private yacht charter in Ibiza.

After a sumptuous dinner onboard, you’ll be ready for a night of next-level clubbing in Old Town – the pulsating, legendary party headquarters of Ibiza. Show off your best moves to the latest rhythms, spun by the globe’s hippest DJs at Pacha’s Remit. Join a thronging group of clubbers on the dance floor at San Lorenzo, where you can groove to the throbbing sounds until dawn arrives to chase away the darkness of the sultry Balearic night.

In the daytime, rest up and revitalise for the adventure to come on your lavish yacht. Let your captain whisk you away to hidden inlets and unspoiled sandy beaches, caressed by deliciously warm crystalline seas. Allow your crew to pamper you with cool drinks, warm towels and treats designed to replenish your strength. And, after a soothing day in the magnificent Spanish sunshine, you’ll be ready once again to partake of the pleasures of a magical night in Ibi