The Coolest North Dakota Slangs You Need To Know

Looking to expand your slang and vocabulary before your trip to North Dakota? Then you’ve come to the right place where you’ll find interesting North Dakota slangs that will make your visit to the state feel more natural.


Cute prairie dogs

Flickertail is another way to refer to North Dakota. In other words a state nickname. It stems from the reference to ground squirrels or prairie dogs that are common in a big part of the state.


Salad North Dakota

This is something that can be easily mistaken. Salad in North Dakota can refer to a delicious mayonnaise focused side dish or a dessert. So make sure that if you want to buy a real salad while in North Dakota, make sure to specify.


Dinner with friends

Supper is another word for dinner, a meal had at the evening to night hours, while the midday meal is referred to as dinner.

You betcha


You betcha! is an enthusiastic way to agree with someone, especially when they propose a plan. In other words it’s a form of agreement.

Shelter belt


Shelter belt is a slang expression for tree windbreakers, the row of trees found between fields to protect them from the wind.

Uff da


Uff da is the North Dakota slang way to exclamate Oh! So in truth it’s not much but if you use this to express relief or surprise, people will think you’re from North Dakota.


Hotdish North Dakota

Hotdish is the slang term for casserole, the well known delicious food that is very popular in North Dakota.