This artist dedicated a shoe sculpture to each of his lovers, could you be one of them?

We introduce you today to Sebastian Errazuriz, a Chilean artist who, through his original anti-design, explores the question of sex and love over the memory of 12 past relationships. For each of them, he created a unique high-heel shoe according to the reminiscence of their personal and sexual relationships, and they’re accompanied by a personal photo and a short but explicit story that lets us explore a small episode of every relationship. During this complex project, he tries to explore and judge himself, and tries to show the contradictions that challenge everyday life and the absurdities of some well-known taboos existing nowadays.

Needless to say, but the names of the girls are fake to protect their identity, and their nicknames were chosen depending on the particular personality and the features of each lover. Many of them are married now, and some of them with children! For example, Ones like “Honey” Natasha called him to say they were happy they could inspire our artist, Sebastian (“Seb” for the girls), but others, like “Gold Digger” Alison, hate them deeply when they find out what sculpture is theirs. Want to know more about Sebastian and his thoughts? You think you might know him and should be a shoe too? We invite you to explore more of his work, go ahead!

"Honey" Natasha
“Honey” Natasha
"Honey" Natasha views
“Honey” Natasha views
"Cry Baby" Alexandra
“Cry Baby” Alexandra
"Cry Baby" Alexandra views
“Cry Baby” Alexandra views
"Cry Baby" Alexandra draft
“Cry Baby” Alexandra draft
"Gold Digger" Alison
“Gold Digger” Alison
"Gold Digger" Alison views
“Gold Digger” Alison views
"Gold Digger" Alison draft
“Gold Digger” Alison draft
"Heart Breaker" Laura
“Heart Breaker” Laura
"Heart Breaker" Laura views
“Heart Breaker” Laura views
"Heart Breaker" Laura from behind
“Heart Breaker” Laura from behind
"Ice Queen" Sophie
“Ice Queen” Sophie
"Ice Queen" Sophie views
“Ice Queen” Sophie views
"Hot B" Caroline
“Hot B” Caroline
"Hot B" Caroline views
“Hot B” Caroline views
"Hot B" Caroline melting
“Hot B” Caroline melting
"The Virgin" Anna
“The Virgin” Anna
"The Virgin" Anna views
“The Virgin” Anna views
"The Virgin" Anna draft
“The Virgin” Anna draft
"Jetsetter" Jessica
“Jetsetter” Jessica
"Jetsetter" Jessica views
“Jetsetter” Jessica views
"Jetsetter" Jessica draft
“Jetsetter” Jessica draft
"The Boss" Rachel
“The Boss” Rachel
"The Boss" Rachel views
“The Boss” Rachel views
"The Boss" Rachel being boss
“The Boss” Rachel being boss
"GI Jane" Barbara
“GI Jane” Barbara
"GI Jane" Barbara views
“GI Jane” Barbara views
"GI Jane" Barbara draft
“GI Jane” Barbara draft
"The Ghost" Valentina
“The Ghost” Valentina
"The Ghost" Valentina views
“The Ghost” Valentina views
"The Rock" Alice
“The Rock” Alice
"The Rock" Alice views
“The Rock” Alice views
"The Rock" Alice draft
“The Rock” Alice draft

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