Top Firearm Blogs to Follow Today

Good day everyone, I’m Michael Nelson from Peak Firearms and I would like to share with you a compiled list of the top blogs I read on a daily basis. Each has its own personality and topic focus, but they all work together to keep me up to date on anything from news to training, gear, and the newest memes.

Loose Rounds

Loose Rounds is a quirky little gun blog with a wide range of interests. We see the usual weapons reviews, political remarks, and even some entertaining military anecdotes and historical trivia.

The writers cover a wide range of topics, including weapons, accessories, vintage weaponry, and even movie reviews on occasion.

The guys at Loose Rounds, on the other hand, don’t necessarily follow the gun industry’s trends and instead write about what they enjoy.

The Winchester 72, for example, is not a well-known rifle, but Loose Rounds provides a comprehensive assessment of the antique rimfire weapon.

Gun University

Gun University is a great place for all sorts of shooters to learn about firearms, optics, knives, and more.

This site is ideal for both beginner and experienced shooters. You’ll discover information on a wide range of topics, including simple things like hunting optics guidelines.

Simultaneously, you’ll get advise for those looking for FFLs as well as information on other more complex issues.

Legal articles are prepared by a practicing lawyer in the guns industry. In other words, you may trust that the articles are written by genuine professionals.


The MagLife

GunMag Warehouse’s blog is called The Mag Life. There are articles about magazines, optics, and firearms, as well as pieces produced just to delight gun owners.

One of our favorite podcasts, The Mag Life Podcast, presented by Varg Freeborn and Daniel Shaw, may also be found here.

The MagLife is one of the greatest resources for knowledge on weapons magazines, including historical analyses of magazine coupling, PMAGs, and more.

AR Build Junkie

Are you a fan of augmented reality? AR Build Junkie, on the other hand, might be the authoritative source for AR knowledge.

You’ll get reviews, sneak peeks, and announcements, as well as detailed how-tos, buyer’s guides, and more. They even publish discounts they come across on the internet. The interviews area, on the other hand, is my favorite part of the website.

They speak with firearms instructors, competitors, specialists, and others to gain their perspectives on the AR-15, its use, attachments, and everything else that’s out there.


AmmoLand is a great place to learn about guns. Trying to keep up with all of the varied tales they post each day might be exhausting. We gather news, politics, reviews, and announcements, and AmmoLandTV even has a Youtube channel.

AmmoLand has been around for a long time and serves as a fantastic archive of gun culture and technology.

Everyday No Days Off

I let Mike at Everyday No Days Off handle it for me because scouring YouTube for gun films on a regular basis can be a pain.

He collects films from YouTube and frequently adds amusing commentary. He also collects some of the most offensive, cringe-inducing stuff available.

Mike takes a lot of holidays to Disney World, so there are sometimes long gaps between updates, which is weird for a site named Everyday No Days Off.


Primary and Secondary

Primary and Secondary is one of my favorite podcasts, and their website is chock-full of useful material.

Furthermore, the discussion board is not subject to social media restrictions and is not shut down.

It’s all highly professional-oriented in terms of substance, with class AARs, expert advise, and a propensity to slaughter holy cows.

Primary and Secondary focuses on performance-based material, arguing that a well-armed man or woman is a well-trained and well-equipped individual.

Their material mirrors this mindset, with a focus on professional development rather than enjoyment. That said, it isn’t monotonous. I’ve learnt a lot from the podcast, website, and discussion board.

Kommando Blog

The Kommando Blog is about current gun culture with a dash of mischief and chan culture thrown in for good measure.

It’s not overbearing or cringe-worthy, but the “in-jokes” are there, and long-time /k readers will recognize some of the comedy.

Kommando Blog is enthusiastic about a variety of topics, but they don’t limit themselves to one.

There are several articles about competitive shooting, mil-surp firearms, gear evaluations, and even strange articles on strange themes, such as Penetration Testing Blue Tip Training Ammo.

Homemade Guns

Homemade Guns is about as straightforward as a blog can get. They collect photographs and information about (unsurprisingly) improvised firearms from throughout the world, although there isn’t much commentary.

It’s mostly a fun exhibition of handcrafted weaponry from throughout the world, with connections to related tales.

I’m always intrigued by what individuals come up with. Some firearms are intricate and well-made, while others appear to be on the verge of exploding.