Trips Just Got 1000x More Comfortable With Merino Wool

When packing for an upcoming trip, it is important to consider and scrutinize every single item for bothcomfort and practicality. Here are four reasons merino wool can make your trip more comfortable.

1. Merino Wool Clothing Is Comfortable And Breathable
The fine fabric of merino wool makes it very comfortable, something that becomes abundantly clear once you touch it. It is also very breathable,which adds to the comfort as well as prevents unwanted odour issues as you travel. It’s no wonder merino wool clothing is so popular among travelers!

2. Merino Wool Clothing Can Go Weeks Without Washing
The fact is that, when traveling, you may not have ready access to a washer and dryer for some of your essentials. However, packing a new outfit for everyday, or, multiple outfits for each day, can add to a huge suitcase. There are also bound to be a few unexpected instances that may result in some very dirty clothing, so it is key to include some articles that you can wear a few times if needed.

This is where Merino wool comes in again. Even though you may not want to wear underwear twice before washing, you likely do not want your dirty underwear to stink up the rest of your luggage. Merino wool underwear can help you prevent this odour, and also provides a great shirt option, given that you can wearit multiple times without it smelling. There are certain Merino wool clothing companies, like Unbound Merino that cater specifically to travellers, and offer bacteria-resistant Merino wool essentials to help you stay fresh and clean while on a trip.

  1. Merino Wool Clothing Helps You Pack Light
    Since merino wool is great for many climates and also features items that can go weeks without having to be washed, you know that you can pack light when you include it. This adds comfort to your overall trip – now you don’t have to dig around a huge suitcase to find each day’s outfit or drag around heavy luggage. Just grab some Merino wool pieces of clothing and pack light so you can focus on having a great adventure.

4. Merino Wool Clothing Is Tried And True
This type of clothing has become one of the most popular types of materials for travelers for a good reason. The breathability, odour control, comfort, and fashion make it a great option. It has been thoroughly travel-tested. You do not have to read a ton of reviews to figure out if some new and possibly gimmicky material is one you want to try out during a trip in an unfamiliar area; trust in a material you know has been used by many past travelers, and rest easy.

Merino wool clothing is a fantastic travel fabric: you can feel comfortable, smell great, pack light and look amazing. Merino wool is the only type of fabric you need on a trip – at least for your base layer – and will see you across different countries and climates for as long as you’re inclined to travel.