10 Interesting Facts About Tokyo

Tokyo is such a big city that there are a thousand things that will surprise you. A place where more than almost 14 million people live gives rise to many unusual things. In this post we present 10 interesting facts about Tokyo.

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Why look at the weather forecast?

When you are in Japan you do not have to look at the weather forecast. Especially if you stay near Shinjuku. The NTT Docomo Yoyogi skyscraper, which is almost a replica of the Empire State, warns you using colored lights if you must leave the house with an umbrella. These are located at the top of the building and we hope that in your visit to Tokyo you will never see them on! Undoubtedly, one of the curiosities of Tokyo that most impressed us.

An unprivileged location

Tokyo is only 300 kilometers from the triple junction where three of the dozen large tectonic plates in which the Earth’s crust is divided interact continuously. For that reason, geologists nicknamed Tokyo as “the city that waits to die.”

Even so, the city is prepared for catastrophes

Within the Greater Tokyo Area there is an underground complex to prevent the destruction of the city in the face of floods. In case of tsunamis, heavy rains or typhoons, five cylinders are responsible for channeling water from rivers that pass through Tokyo in a huge tank and pump it to the Edogawa River, located at a lower level of Tokyo. This guarantees the survival of the Japanese capital in the face of natural disasters.

A restaurant that can do everything

One of the most striking sights of Tokyo is related to the Komagata Dozeu restaurant. This family business has managed to survive the fatal earthquakes and bombings during World War II. More than six generations have passed, but the restaurant remains the same. It must be made of steel!

Giving and giving machines

You’ve probably heard about the famous soda machines. When you visit Tokyo you should not worry when you are thirsty. There is one machine every 12 meters! In addition, the positive is that they are very economical. For you to have a reference, the price is similar to that of supermarkets.

Locals would not mind if they were a little more expensive

According to several studies, Tokyo is by far the richest city on Earth. In fact, if it were a city-state, according to its GDP, it would be one of the 10 richest nations on Earth.

The world capital of gastronomy

Another of the curiosities of Tokyo that surprised us was to see that the Japanese capital is the city that owns the most restaurants with Michelin stars. In 2007, Michelin’s editorial director said that Tokyo was by far the world capital of gastronomy.

In Tokyo very strange things happen

In 2010, when some Tokyo officials went to congratulate the oldest man in the city, who had just turned 111, they found his skeleton in bed. He had been dead for 30 years and the family had not notified the services because the poor man’s pension was very good for them.

Is the Tokyo Tower an improved Eiffel Tower?

The Parisian monument was the inspiration for the Tokyo Tower. This is repainted every five years and it takes 12 months to finish the process. The most curious thing is that the Tokyo Tower is 13 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower but weighing half. This is due to the technological advances of steel, which is becoming less and less heavy.

The Tokyo Tower knows how long you will live with your partner

The inhabitants of the city have a very interesting theory. They believe that the relationship with your partner will last longer if you can see together how the lights of the Tokyo Tower go out. So if you want to last with her, you already have a good plan for the night!