10 Places in Greece That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

Greece – what a captivating word (I am not referring to the economic situation!). Greece is a mountainous country surrounded by the Greek seas – seas that only lead to most spectacular islands in the world. Greece and the Greek islands, each of these words represents a whole world of landscapes and personality that make us feel like the gods of Olympus. Greece was,  is,  and will always be a paradise for travelers who want to experience the essence of Western civilization.

The highest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus – its very steep rock walls make it nearly impossible to climb. It is so high, that you can hardly see the top , which is always surrounded by clouds. The Greeks had countless gods who represented the force of nature. Enough with the Gods though and let step up to fairytales, since I gathered up 10 photos from Greece that look like they have been taken by the Gods of Olympus!

10. The Rousanou monastery, Meteora.

Rousanou monastery, Meteora

Rousanou monastery, Meteora

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