24 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling By Plane for the First Time

Flying for the first time may sound distressing because of the procedures and for not knowing how you will feel, but do not worry. If you follow all the steps as they should be, you will realize that it is not difficult. On the contrary, you will have the view that everything was worth it.


  1. First things first; it is essential to check what items you can carry in your suitcase and what you cannot

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

Take all the time you need to make your suitcase so that you do not forget anything, and also remember not to carry the things that are not allowed. On the portal where you buy your ticket, you will be informed about these items. 

It is not a suggestion; actually, if you carry items that are not allowed, they will be removed. Another thing: try to weigh your suitcase, because airlines allow a maximum weight without extra charge. 

It is better to ask the airline if you have any doubts.  So, if you are travelling with American Airlines, keep American Airlines phone number with you. This may aid you anytime you are looking for assistance and it will be easy for you to seek answers to your queries.  

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2. Before arriving at the airport, you should know which terminal you need to go to

 Especially if it is a large airport, as the terminals may be a bit far and you have to consider that time before leaving your house. To know this, see which airline you are travelling with and check on the Internet for the terminal that corresponds to it.

3. You have to arrive two or three hours earlier at the airport

It may take two hours if it is a national flight and three hours if it is international. It seems like enough time, but with the processes that you have to go through before boarding,  two to three hours will pass without you even realizing it. Also, if it is your first-time travel by air, make sure that you go with ample time in your hands.

4. Check-in is very important.

You can do it online (on the same page where you bought the ticket), up to one hour before your flight. You can also do it at the airport, at least one hour before. 

This process is to ensure that you are going to fly and get your boarding pass. Keep in mind that this is where you can choose your seat, so the sooner you do, the better.

5. There are two types of luggage: the one that is checked and the one you can take with you.

The first will go in the hold of the plane; the hand-luggage is the one you can take with you, in the compartment above your seat. It is not mandatory to carry both; it all depends on the number of things you want to carry. Also, check out the updated rules and policies for flyers for an easy boarding

Your carry-on should have your documents, cell phone, wallet and all that you want to carry with you. Each airline has its own regulations, and some are very strict. Keep in mind that if you exceed the allowed weight, you will be charged extra.

6. Wearing a sweater, even if it’s hot, can save you.

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Carry it in your carry-on bag or station, as you probably need it, since the air-conditioning of the plane can be freezing. It will also serve you if arriving at your destination is colder than the place you left.

7. If you carry several suitcases, you will have to get them checked.

This means that you will have to take your luggage to the airline counter, where they will weigh it and keep it. It is recommended that you put a padlock on your suitcase and a “fragile” tag to be treated with delicacy. 

From this moment you will not see that luggage again until you leave the plane, so make sure you do not forget anything important there.

8. If your trip is long, wear comfortable clothes.

Do not worry too much about how you look, better wear relaxing clothes. Keep in mind that the seats are not very comfortable to say, because, generally, they recline little and are close to each other.

9. Once you have checked-in, you must go to the security control.

You will go through a metal detector; you will have to put your belongings on a belt (belt, cell phone, jewellery) and take off your shoes. If the detector sounds, do not get upset, maybe you forgot some coins in the pockets of your clothes, just do everything they say, and that’s it. 

Be careful: if you carry something forbidden in your hand luggage, they will take it away from you and throw it away.

10. After the security check, you will go to the boarding area.

This door is the way that you will take to board the plane. You must check in your boarding pass what door it is, but there are also many screens that indicate it because sometimes they change them on last minute. 

11. To get on the plane, they will ask for your passport and boarding pass.

Carry these documents in your hand, so everything is done quickly, and take a lot of care of these documents. However, on a national trip, you do not need to carry a passport. 

12. You must not stand in line to board the plane until the employees indicate it.

It is not necessary to join a queue when you see one, in fact, if people start to form lines as they want, that row will be dismantled by employees, who have other ways of organizing the boarding.

13. Chewing gum can help you with take-off.

Because of the pressure, it is likely that your ears will be blocked. To help you with that little problem, cover your nose with your fingers and try to exhale. You also have another option: chewing gum.

14. You cannot miss the window seat.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

That’s why it’s essential to check in before time, so you can choose a place! As it is your first time, it is highly recommended that you ask for this seat because what you will see through the window will fascinate you. Also, if you get tired of seeing it or it makes you dizzy, you can close it, and that’s it.

15. It does not feel nauseating to fly. In fact, it is very peaceful.

The truth is that when you fly, you do not feel anything, not even that you are moving. The only moments of slight uneasiness are the take-off and landing, but otherwise, it is tranquil. 

It is possible that you get dizzy, but this is because of the pressure. If it happens to you, you can ask for water and go to the stewardess. 

Turbulence does not happen all the time, but if it happens, do not panic and pay attention to the employees, who will tell you what to do at all times.

16. Your cell phone will be in aeroplane mode during the entire flight.

Send all your messages before taking off, because once the plane takes off, you must have your cell phone in aeroplane mode during the entire flight. There are some aeroplanes that offer Wi-Fi, but it is not at all common.

17. Wearing earplugs can also be a great idea.

You never know when a weeping baby or that person who is listening to music without a headset are going to trouble you, so it’s better to take this preventive measure.

18. On international flights, you must fill out particular documents and pass through immigration when you arrive at your destination.

If you travel outside the country, the flight attendants will give you a piece of paper to fill (as there are few pens, it is highly recommended that you bring your own). It is not a great thing, because it asks you fundamental things about your visit. 

If you did not fill it on the flight, do not worry, at the airport, there are more of those pieces of paper. At immigration, you are asked about the place you are going to stay and the reason for your trip; that is all.

19. If you checked your bags, you would have to collect them in the luggage counter.

Look at the flight number on your ticket and check the counter where your luggage will arrive. A great tip is to mark your bags with very distinctive stamps to find them quickly. Do not feel dejected if you do not see it soon, and sometimes they take time to dispense luggage.

20. Many aeroplanes have screens on each seat for you to watch movies.

You can download some to see on your cell phone or tablet, but it is not as necessary, because each seat has its own mini television. Unfortunately, you will not find them on short flights, but only on long flights.

21. It is essential to stay hydrated during long flights.

The air of the aeroplanes dehydrates the living things a lot, that’s why you have to drink a lot of water. For the same reason, try to avoid alcoholic beverages and coffee, which do not help either.

22. A pillow can help you a lot on a long flight.

If you are going to spend many hours on a plane, do everything possible for your comfort. Bring your toothbrush, a blanket, warm socks and a pillow to rest.

23. The quantity and quality of the food depend on the airline.

It also depends on the travel hours. If it’s a very short flight, you’re likely to get just one snack and a soda, but if it’s a long trip, they’ll give you more than one meal. 

24. After landing, do not get up from your seat.

Many people do it and only obstruct the exit. Wait in your place and be patience; the hostesses will show the way and make the arrangement to leave. It’s not fast, so do not think that when you get there, you’ll go down, because it’s not like that. Keep that in mind.

In the end, we repeat what we have said in the beginning. If you follow all the steps as they should be, you will realize that it is not difficult. On the contrary, you will have the view that everything was worth it. You might even be inspired to make a trip to world’s most relaxing holiday destinations.