How To Prevent Respiratory Illnesses That Could Arise From Not Cleaning

Environmentalists have been speaking out for years against individuals and organizations that are harming the environment. They have been trying to improve the condition of the planet in terms of lowering pollution, improving the air quality index, and reducing the number of toxins that we pollute the air with. However, while the air and the overall environment are a concern, people who are using devices and medical equipment to tackle respiratory problems have another problem to contend with.

The overall quality of the air that we breathe is a concern for everyone and is more of a problem for those that have respiratory challenges. In order to overcome these problems, doctors often advise them to use equipment that helps the lungs get the oxygen that the body needs. However, it’s this very equipment that can become a problem if it is not used properly. Even in situations where the air quality is healthy, if the device that a person is breathing through is problematic, it can lead to serious problems for the user.

If you use any kind of respiratory apparatus, here are a few things you want to keep an eye out for that will help your device last longer and will help ensure that you don’t face any problems due to poor maintenance.

1.  Storage

A lot of problems arise simply because people aren’t storing their devices properly. Especially if you have pets that leave hair all over the house or you live in a dusty area; it’s very easy to get your device contaminated. A number of lung diseases and respiratory conditions arise from contaminants in the air and even common household dust. The best way to protect your breathing equipment is to store it in a well-sealed bag or box together with any equipment that you use with the device. Leaving your devices out in the open is the best way to contaminate them with pollutants and other harmful particles that may be present in the air or on the surface.

2.  Cleaning

Ideally, you should be cleaning your equipment before every use. However, this can be problematic in the case of asthma pumps or other equipment that you use multiple times a day and need to access quickly. Though, you could clean your equipment at least once a week with some of the best CPAP Cleaners to ensure that you are clearing out any kind of virus, dirt, or even moisture that may have built up in the device. Also, if you are storing the device in a box or bag, you also want to make sure that you wash and clean the container. If you can store it in a sterilized disposable container, that is even better.

3.  Maintenance

While respiratory devices can last you several years, there is some degree of maintenance that goes into keeping them working well. Especially in devices such as a CPAP machine, there are several components and each component has a certain life. After the suggested time period, you should consider replacing the part entirely such as the air filters. Other parts of the device such as the chin strap can last much longer but you need to make sure they are clean. Overall, you also want to make sure that the devices are in good condition. Things such as cracks, holes, and other deformities can create problems as they accumulate dirt.

4.  Sterilizing

When you clean your device you should make sure you sterilize the equipment. In fact, it’s best to disassemble the device as much as you can and then submerge all the smaller components into hot water if you don’t have a sterilizer. Also, if there are replaceable parts such as filters, then you should consider replacing these parts whenever you sterilize the device. Any viruses and contaminants that are attached to these parts will spoil the freshly cleaned device.

If your machine is left dirty for too long you can not only worsen your breathing condition but can also impact the condition of your lungs. Especially if you are using a CPAP device that is meant to improve the airflow while you sleep. If it is clogged and isn’t improving airflow, it kills the purpose of the machine and also places your lungs under a lot of stress as they have to pull air through the machine for hours on end as you sleep. It’s a good idea to buy cleaning products in bulk when you go shopping so you always have everything you need to wash and clean your equipment before use.