6 Important Things You Need To Know About The Orgone Generators

Orgone generators operate on the principle of orgone energy which was discovered in the 20th century by Australian psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Orgonite is actually just a mixture of various semi-precious gems, quartz crystals, and metal shavings in a resin. It’s said that its energy heals the body and the mind by permeating everything around it. Many different cultures have historically referred to this same energy by different names like Chi or Ki. What the generators attempt to do is restructure all the negative energies that influence us into a more positive and beneficial frequency. 

We’re all surrounded by disruptive forms of energy due to the modernity of our society. The wifi signals, the cell phone waves, and even the satellite dishes are all harmful to us, and having an orgone generator at home can negate all of their negative effects. Most people who have these devices in their homes often don’t realize their significance and various benefits. If you know about all the benefits of having this generator, you’ll be able to better appreciate its positioning in your home. So without further delay, let’s get to it and find out the most important things that you must know about orgone generators. 

1. Mental Clarity

The orgone generators can help boost your mood and provide immense mental clarity by eliminating all the negative emotions. These devices have long been used by people all around the world to relax and de-stress. The energy gurus at orgone-pyramid.com say that they work great because they convert all the negative energy that’s already existing in a home into positive energy. It’s said that the generators also release negatively charged oxygen ions which can raise the serotonin levels in our bodies and boost our mood.

2. Better Sleep

Another great benefit of getting one of these instruments is that you’ll get much better sleep than you’re used to. It’s widely accepted that we sleep better and longer in a calm and positive environment. These devices can promote REM sleep which is one of the most important phases of our sleep cycle. You’ll feel way more relaxed and rejuvenated even after a little nap if you have orgone influencing you positively.

3. Vivid Dreams

Dreams are said to be a portal that connects our plane of reality with otherworldly planes. Many people place great emphasis on dreams and say that their dreams have hidden meanings. With one of these generators at home, you’ll experience deeper REM sleep which will help you dream more vividly than usual. You’ll be able to remember your dreams better and that’ll help you decipher the hidden meanings behind them.

4. Plant Growth

Not only humans, but plants also benefit equally from the orgone energy in your home. If you like growing indoor plants then you must know that it’s extremely difficult to grow a healthy and flourishing plant. What most of us don’t realize is that our indoor plants often die out because of the negative energy in our homes. If we can feed our plants with positive energy, then they’ll grow rapidly into lush plants which is exactly what every plant lover wants. 

5. Calms Animals

We’ve already talked about plants and humans, and now it’s time to talk about animals. Pet owners often report that their pets behave much more calmly than usual after they successfully realign the energies in their homes. Animals can be very susceptible to even the slightest change in the energy levels of a place, and when they’re exposed to positive waves, they become much less aggressive and destructive.

6. Faster Healing

Perhaps the most underrated aspect of having an orgone generator is its healing effect. People with these instruments are able to recover much faster than people who don’t have them in their homes. We’re not talking about physical healing only, it also helps people cope up with the mental and emotional issues they might have developed due to some trauma. The positive waves interact with the mind and the body to help heal faster.

These are some of the many things that everyone should know about the orgone generators. Not only are these devices a sight to behold, but they’re also very effective at turning any space into a positive one. The waves released by these instruments are so effective that they heal even the most severely debilitated minds. We could’ve discussed multiple other benefits of these wonderful devices but it would take more than an article to discuss them all. The benefits mentioned here are the most important ones that everyone should know about so that they can experience these benefits for themselves.