4 of the Best Features You’ll Want in Your New Hartford, CT, Home

Do you know anything about New Hartford, CT? Many people regard it as a very desirable place to live. Connecticut, in general, gets a lot of attention from people who want high-end properties and an excellent life quality.

Connecticut has lots of bike paths for those who like to bike for exercise. It has well-regarded school districts in many cases, and you might like the state if you’re on the progressive side of the political spectrum. Democrats hold both state legislative chambers and all of the constitutional state offices at the moment.

If you like Connecticut and you’re targeting New Hartford, you might want to find homes with particular features. We’ll talk about some of those now.

The Right Number of Bedrooms

When looking at New Hartford, CT, homes for sale, you might come up with a “want” list vs. a “must-have” list. That’s a smart thing to do whenever you start house hunting seriously.

Your want list will include things you want your home to have, but if you find a house that does not necessarily have them, that’s not what you consider a deal-breaker. The must-have or need list constitutes anything you feel the home must include, or else you’ll walk away and keep looking.

The correct number of bedrooms to accommodate your family might be a must-have for you. For instance, maybe you have a spouse or partner, and you know you’ll want a good-sized bedroom for the two of you. You also have three kids, though, and you want each child to have their own room.

If so, you’re looking for a home in New Hartford with four bedrooms. Failing that, you’ll want one with three bedrooms and another room you can convert into a bedroom. Maybe a study or den you can turn into a bedroom will work for you.

The Right Number of Bathrooms

You also might have a certain number of bathrooms on your must-have list. For instance, maybe you’ve lived in an apartment for quite some time, and you’ve only had one bathroom for the whole family to share. You probably can’t wait to have multiple bathrooms so people can have some much-needed 


You might feel like you need a house with at least two full bathrooms. If a house you’re considering only has one-and-a-half bathrooms, maybe that’s not a deal-breaker for you. You might remodel the second bathroom to add a shower stall or a tub, turning it into a full bath.

A Nice Yard

You might feel like one huge reason you want a house is so you can have a nice yard for the kids and the dog to run around. Maybe you want a decent-sized backyard, front yard, or both.

You can look at homes that have decent-sized yards. If you can find one, you might install a fence around that yard if it does not have one yet. That will keep the kids and the dog safe if you’re worried about them running out into the street if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of traffic.

Keep in mind that the larger the yard, the more work you’ll need to put into it to take care of it. You might need to get a riding mower, and you’ll need to rake the leaves if you have trees that drop them in the yard every fall.

Maybe you have enough money to hire someone to care for the yard, though. If you have the cash, or you’re an older adult who does not have the energy to care for the yard, you might have no issues getting a landscaping company or hiring a neighborhood kid to take care of these chores.

A Working Furnace

Connecticut has a lot going for it. That’s why many individuals and families want to move there. You should realize that the state does get some serious winters, though, and New Hartford is no exception to that rule.

You shouldn’t mind snow in the winter if you live there, and you may want to think about hiring a snowplow company to dig out your driveway every time you get a serious snowfall. You should also make sure your house has a working furnace, though.

You’ll need it to heat the house to keep you comfortable in winter. If you buy a house with an older furnace, you may need to replace it before doing just about anything else.