Fancy Eating a Pig in 15 Minutes? Three Reasons Las Vegas Deserves Your Attention In 2017


Las Vegas is a city that pretty much anyone who has an interest in traveling the globe wants to visit. As a city that brands itself as ‘fabulous’ on its famous 25-foot-tall welcome sign erected in 1959, Las Vegas has transformed itself into a destination suitable for the most luxurious of luxury holidays; the city has entries on the most expensive burger list and muscles in on the list of the most expensive hotels in the world (yes, it is actually possible to spend $38,000 per night if you so want to!). From just this brief rundown, you can see quite clearly that the city boasts a monumental array of attractions, but here are three reasons that really should inspire you to make that booking in 2017.

  1. Get Closer to (Freaky) Nature

Las Vegas is marketed as the land of the famous Vegas strip, with enough tack and glitz to dazzle your eyes for a lifetime, but the surrounding natural sites in Nevada are pretty incredible too if the tack gets too overwhelming and the charm starts to fade. Las Vegas is fantastic for using as a base to head out of town to the likes of the Grand Canyon or the 1930s structural masterpiece, the Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon, which is between five and six million years old, has opportunities for hiking, rafting, skydiving, running, and traveling on horseback. Whilst the Vegas travel literature might scream hotels and casinos, the reality can be very different as you find yourself exploring one of the most alien and incredible landscapes on the planet.

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  1. Live Out the Dream and Try to Win It All

The sights, man-made and natural, are incredible, but let’s be honest: the real draw for a lot of visitors to Las Vegas is not the chance to go and enjoy an amazing show, fly in a helicopter at night down the Strip, or even gorge on a buffet (after all, this is a city where a whole pig at one buffet, the Medley Buffet, lasts just 15 minutes – the best of the other buffets can be discovered in this Time Out Las Vegas review). It is instead the chance to win that once-in-a-lifetime big payout that can be genuinely life-changing.

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Las Vegas is, of course, very much a part of the folklore surrounding casino games, and the allure and huge scale of the casinos in Sin City have been a key feature in a range of Hollywood films as diverse as The Hangover, described by online casino sources, shows the “decadent, hedonistic side of Las Vegas” brilliantly, and the recent Logan film. Iconic casino games such as blackjack – also known as 21 – gained popularity in the desert city, and the first video slot machine was introduced in a Vegas casino in 1976. Anyone who steps into the Bellagio hopes they can end up winning a life-changing sum, however it’s not all about the money – experiencing the glamour of a Vegas casino floor is a valuable and very Instagramable memory. Several other parts of the world, most notably Macau and Monte Carlo, have done their best to become the place that people fantasize about when it comes to living the dream, but it is always Las Vegas that people come back to, helping to explain why over 40 million tourists visit the city each year.

  1. The Stunning Hotels

Going on holiday is all about the location and the sights, but nowhere else in the world do hotels manage to combine sightseeing highlights within their actual walls. The $20 trick is a legendary part of travel in itself for travelers who feel like trying their luck when they arrive in Vegas, but the really incredible part of Las Vegas is the sheer range of hotels on offer. The MGM Grand is a legendary option for travelers, setting the tone for how Las Vegas refuses to do things by half. Meanwhile, the Venetian Hotel lets you visit Venice and travel around in a gondola! The Bellagio is another option, and is famous worldwide for the incredible fountain show it puts on.

Perhaps, though, the real draw to Las Vegas is the fact that it is easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in the world. It offers some incredibly luxurious accommodation options, and tourists who turn up and try to travel on a budget have the chance to leave having won big. This is ultimately the true appeal of visiting Las Vegas, an appeal that is as strong as ever in 2017.

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