4 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Switch To Sustainable Fashion

One of the trending issues deemed important to society is sustainability. There is a growing need to meet our present demands without compromising the needs of the future. It enhances the quality of life and helps protect the environment from depreciation.

Sustainable fashion is one of the many buzzwords that has emerged recently in the sustainable development and environmental space, highlighting the need to adopt an approach that reduces fashion waste and its disposal. 

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the fashion industry contributes about 10% of global carbon emission and nearly 20% of wastewater, calling for the immediate adoption of a sustainable fashion model. To achieve this, everyone, from local artisans to international fashion brands and the consumers, has a vital role in reducing the amount of toxicity released to the environment from fashion wastes. 

Events from the recent past have taught us great lessons to make environmental sustainability a priority or face the consequence of a degrading world. We need to be innovative in creating sustainable and ethical approaches to fashion while remaining stylish. 

Aside from the fact that living in the world endangers you from environmental toxicity, here let’s look at four essential reasons you should switch to sustainable fashion. 

There Are Quality Sustainable Wears

Fast fashion adopts trend replication and mass reproduction to produce low-quality wear to meet consumers’ constant demands for trendy wear. However, this approach keeps consumers shopping regularly for clothes. That is why the fashionistas behind https://www.trvst.world/sustainable-living/fashion/modal-fabric/ recommend modal and lyocell fabrics for making clothes like underwear, shirts, and towels. These clothing materials used in sustainable wear are of natural high quality and can be used for recycling purposes. 

Additionally, the materials, usually linen, organic cotton, or Tencel, require less chemical to grow, unlike petroleum-based unsustainable fashion materials. Acrylic, nylon, and polyester, produced from fossils, consume high energy in production and do not last long, making sustainable materials a better option for quality and durability. 

It Is Unique

Fashion brands have capitalized on consumers’ thirst to wear new and trendy clothes; so they design new fashion styles every time to keep the money rolling in. There is a high possibility that these styles do not suit your personality or match your fashion taste. 

Sustainable fashion offers a clean slate to design and own unique fashion styles. Emerging sustainable fashion brands are investing a lot into creating timeless masterpieces of the highest quality. This has created opportunities for creative stylists to design clothes that give consumers a choice to express themselves and get creative in an environmentally friendly way. 

Saves The Environment

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Fast fashion brands are involved in many activities that are detrimental to the ecological balance of the environs. From the usage of water to animal cruelty to environmental pollution. 

They consume an enormous amount of water during the production of clothes and pollute freshwater bodies. Water used in dyeing and bleaching, which contains toxic chemicals released into freshwater bodies, pollutes and degrades the ecological system, and is poisonous to human beings. 

All the leather bags, shoes, and accessories produced from animal skin, fur, or wool significantly impact the population of animals in the ecological system. They pose a threat to some endangered species of animals. Sustainable fashion provides simple solutions to most of these challenges.

It Creates Jobs And Offers Fair Wages For Workers

By switching to sustainable fashion, you are helping factory workers earn fair wages for their work and an enhanced, less toxic working condition. Fast fashion brands make clothes available at low costs by cutting costs on the salaries of their workers. They subject them to long hours of work and harsh working conditions, especially in developing countries, with little pay that does not commensurate with their effort. 

The fashion industry has experienced remarkable growth in the last 15 years, with about 60 million workers. The insignificant pay of workers is a dire contrast to the enormous profits made by these brands. 

Sustainable fashion brands are more committed to offering conducive working conditions and complementing wages to their workers. Switching to renewable fashion ensures you are contributing to the betterment of the lives of fashion factory workers. 

That said, it is no longer beneficial to continue to use unsustainable approaches to fashion at the expense of our environment. Wastes from fast fashion clothing and accessories are not biodegradable and pose a severe threat to the planet. 

Sustainable fashion encourages local production, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases from the transportation of materials. The reasons discussed above are a constant reminder of the urgency to switch to sustainable fashion and go green. It is everyone’s responsibility, including the consumers, to protect our environment.