5 Natural Cleaning Agents to Clean and Sanitize Tiles and Grouts

There are rarely any living spaces that do not have some kind of tiles on the property. In some places, tiles are a major part of flooring throughout the premises. Even if you have not used tile flooring in the rooms and lounge spaces, more often than not bathrooms and kitchen area are largely made up of tiled floorings. The biggest con of using tiled floorings is that they are toughest to maintain. Tiles have grout lines and edges that are a safe haven for dirt and germs and it is miserably difficult to get rid of those settled residues.

Dirty tiles and grout lines not only look untidy and dirty but are also a source of germs and diseases specially if you kids and babies in the house.  Therefore, it is extremely important to clean and sanitize tiles and grout lines properly and regularly. However, using strong off-the-rack cleaning agents can not only be dangerous especially if you have young children in the house, but they can also ruin the life and look of your tiles. Here are 5 natural ways to clean your tiles that will also kill germs and keep your tiles sanitized.

  1. Preventing Molds in Steamy Places

Molds and Mildew are fungal organisms that love moist and steamy places. This makes bathrooms and kitchens their favorite areas as the steam produced from the use of hot water makes these molds and mildews settles in grout lines and the edges and corners of tiles. You can prevent the molds and mildews to grow in your bathroom and kitchen by taking simple steps. Since moisture and humidity is the prime reason of this fungal growth, you should make sure that you dehumidify your space after use. You can do so by opening the windows or installing and turning on an exhaust fan. Immediate wiping of floor right after use also helps preventing their growth.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent natural cleaning agent, which is abrasive in nature and works fairly well in taking out simple residues such as water and soap. All you have to do is to dip a damp sponge in some baking soda and scrub of the tiles and grout lines.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar’s acidic properties makes it one of the most effective natural cleaning agent. It helps in keeping soap residue and other mineral deposits, molds and mildew at bay. For tougher stains you can use vinegar along with baking soda since they react chemically when combined together and trigger a string cleaning action. On the downside vinegar might not be suitable for tiles that are made of natural stones.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon is already a cult favorite cleaning agent in beauty circles. It is also used in many dishwashing liquids to provide freshness and sanitization. Since lemon juice is also acidic in nature, it provides effective results when it comes to stain removal and sanitization.