10 Tips and Tricks to Keep the House Cool

In the warmer months of the year, in many parts of the world it gets really hot. You can sit in front of the fan but you may be interested to know that there are plenty of ways to keep the heat at bay without it. Here are 10 ways to keep your house fresh and cool:

1. Turn on the Air Conditioner

Now this might seem like the most obvious solution but it’s also the most convenient and efficient. Air conditioning has come a long way and today the machines are more efficient than ever at keeping the house cool.

2. Take advantage of the windows and doors

Closing the rooms during the hottest hours of the day prevents the heat from spreading throughout the house. Conversely, it is best to take advantage of the coolest hours of the night by opening the doors so that the air circulates through all the rooms.

3. Dune a fan with ice

Not even air conditioning can mimic the feeling of the sea breeze, but with this ingenious trick, it can be achieved. Fill a bowl with ice (or anything that is frozen) and place it at an angle in front of the fan so that the air circulates on the ice. The current will come out fresh and much more pleasant. You’ll see: it’s magical.

4. Change the sheets

Changing the sheets according to the season of the year not only refreshes the room, it also keeps you cooler. As flannel blankets and polar blankets are ideal for keeping warm, cotton is the best bet for this time, as it lets the skin breathe and stays fresh. Additionally, it is worth buying a buckwheat pillow. When the shells have natural spaces of air between them, they do not stick to the body like normal pillows, even if they are tucked in a sheath.

5. Program the ceiling fans to turn to the left

Believe it or not, you have to adjust the ceiling fans according to the season of the year. In summer, program them to rotate counterclockwise at a higher speed. It will create a current of air that will make you “feel” more freshness.

6. Focus on controlling body temperature, not the house temperature

If your ancestors managed to survive without air conditioning, you can too. Take cold drinks or put wet cloths in areas such as the wrists or neck, where you can feel the pulse more, to lower the body temperature from the inside. Other tips are to choose a suitable clothing.

7. Take advantage of heat extractors

Turn on the extractor in the kitchen or in the bathroom, if you have one. They will absorb the heat you’ve generated by making food or showering.

8. Prepare a heat-resistant bed

Use a blanket or put a cold gel pad under your head when you sleep. For the feet, cool a bag of hot water. Although it sounds weird, lightly moisten the sheets before going to sleep is very useful to be cool.

9. Lower blinds

Up to 30% of the unwanted heat enters through the windows. As simple as it sounds, using blinds can reduce the electricity bill by up to 7% and lower the interior temperature by up to 10 degrees. It is a way to prevent the house from becoming a small greenhouse, especially those rooms with windows facing south or west.

10. Forget the incandescent lights

If you need any reason to switch to fluorescent lamps, you already have it. Incandescent bulbs spend 90% of electricity generating heat energy, so getting rid of them is a good way to cool the house and reduce the electricity bill.