Security Issues Related To “Lost” FBI Text Messages

It is amazing that in this day of high technology and security that the government continues to “misplace” so many important messages and so much information. Chief among them is a string of text messages that went on between two FBI agents, which is currently the source of an investigation. Security analysts are dumbfounded as to how over five months of correspondence between two FBI employees have seemingly just “disappeared.”

Previously, text messages exchanged between two FBI agents (who were clearly anti-Trump) showed a pattern of negative statements to the point of trying to conspire to have President Trump impeached. But as the investigators began to delve further, what they found was that all the evidence that they were looking for has vanished. The Justice Department stated that it “lost” five months of exchanged text messages between agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok regarding their conversations about President Trump and their dislike of him.

This isn’t a new trend in Washington: from the emails lost from Hillary Clinton to the texts now being lost by the Justice Department, there appears to be a severe lack in security – and a breach of it regarding important information that is conveyed between personnel. It’s highly suspicious, since there are specific ways that information is supposed to be maintained and recorded. Whenever there appears to be an investigation, things continue to suddenly be missing.

Trump insists that the text messages are highly important and that although they should be one of the biggest stories covered by the media in a long time, everyone seems to be diverting attention away from any real investigation into the goings-on of the two FBI lovers. Although they were personal messages, since they were transmitted using FBI equipment they are supposed to be the property of the government. Yet – they are just gone.

The FBI was supposed to provide Congress with the missing batches of text conversations between the two agents from December 14th, 2016 to May 17, 2017, but they are now claiming that there are “misconfiguration issues” with the texts that have caused them to be destroyed and that they are gone. Many are wondering what misconfiguration issues could have happened to affect just those text messages, and are questioning security experts to find out if that is really what happened at all.

According to the text messages that were recovered, agent Strzok referred to Mr. Trump as an “idiot,” and over 380 text messages have been sifted through that have found talk about an “insurance policy” in the event that Mr. Trump should be elected President. There is no doubt that the two did not like nor did they support Mr. Trump during the election phase. What is in question is whether they took steps to try to impeach him through conspiracy or if other nefarious things went on. President Trump is highly interested in what was said and what actions were put in place, and whether they include the highly controversial accusations about Russia’s involvement with Trump’s election.

Republicans insist that this is just more stalling and “looking the other way” when it comes to Democratic actions. The Democrats insist that this is just more “smoke and mirrors” in the face of two guilty pleas, two cooperating witnesses, and two indictments already under the Justice Department’s belt. It is highly curious, however, that things can just be deleted accidentally or misconfigured conveniently enough to lose an estimated 50,000 text messages between two people who are being investigated specifically for their text conversations.

Currently, there is a Republican memo in the works claiming that there is clearly a bias when it comes to issues related to the Democratic Party versus the Republican. The White House insists that it is up to lawmakers to determine whether the memo should be released for everyone to see. What is apparent is that the FBI and other government agencies appear to be very lax with their security protocol and can’t seem to keep very good records regarding national security – which should be a concern not just for the Republican party, but for every US citizen.