5 Places in Essex That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

Essex is one of those counties you need to visit several times to fully explore and truly appreciate. Part of the South-Eastern counties of UK, Essex is naturally very beautiful. Its coast offers some of the best sunsets of England.

Inland, there are a lot of significant structures such as churches and estates which share a medieval style. There are also beautiful gardens such as the RHS Garden. In addition to all that, there are also a couple of castles such as Colchester Castle.

Today we’re taking a look at the most beautiful places of the county. The locations are great, but it’s also thanks to the perspective and time of the day that gives them a magical charm.

Would it please you to spend a few days in Essex this month fellow lazy penguins?

5. Dovercourt Lighthouse

Dovercourt Lighthouse
Dovercourt Lighthouse

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