5 Reasons To Use A Professional Heavy-Duty Towing Company | Auto Spa Towing

If you need a serious load towed – whether it’s a large piece of construction equipment, a big-rig that has broken down, or any other vehicle or large piece of machinery – it’s important to partner with the right towing company.

You can’t trust just any tow truck driver or extraction specialist to take care of your valuable vehicles. You need a company in Alberta that has proven results – and that can handle jobs of any size.

In this article, the team at Auto Spa Towing will look at 5 reasons why it’s so important to partner with the right towing company. Let’s get started.

  1. Handle Jobs Of Every Size

Professional towing companies can handle it all. From smaller trucks and vans that have run into a ditch, to construction equipment that has broken down, and must be lifted onto a platform truck or other heavy-duty hauler for extraction.

With a wide array of winching, towing, and extraction equipment, a heavy-duty towing company can handle all of these projects – and more. This ensures that your trailer or heavy load is removed properly the first time, and that your project will be back on track.

  1. Reliable, Professional Results

Towing a large, heavy load is not an easy task, and extracting a tractor-trailer from a ditch, or from the side of a highway or other road can be quite dangerous. That’s why you need a team with true experience working on all kinds of extractions and recoveries.

A reliable, professional team will be able to quickly develop a strategy for towing your equipment, and requisition the right vehicle for the job. This means faster results, and a speedier recovery process.

  1. Secure, Protected Holding Area For Your Vehicles

Your vehicles are important to you, and extremely valuable. This is especially true of tractor-trailers and other vehicles that are carrying consumer goods, or other goods that must be delivered on-contract. Failing to deliver, or losing part of the shipment, can result in non-payment, and damage to the reputation of your company.

That’s why professional towing companies like Auto Spa Towing offer a secured holding area for all of your towed equipment. We bring your vehicles and machinery to our secured, fenced lot. Our lot is under 24/7 security surveillance, and fully-staffed. You won’t have to worry about loss of goods – we’ll ensure that everything is above board, and that your vehicles are protected after they are recovered.

  1. Proper Liability Insurance Coverage

Depending on the type of equipment being removed, or the vehicle being towed, the value of your machinery may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – or even higher, in some cases. That means you need to partner with a company that has the proper liability insurance, and is professionally recognized and certified.

If something does go wrong when extracting your vehicle, truck, or other piece of machinery, liability insurance will help cover the cost of any damages incurred – ensuring that you do not have to worry about higher insurance premiums, or other costs.

  1. Comprehensive Mechanical Service

In some cases, our team of tow truck drivers can maintain and repair minor issues with passenger vehicles, as well as some trucks and other devices. They also may be able to diagnose the particular issue with your vehicle – which makes it easier to deal with the problem.

In turn, this leads to a faster repair, and a better overall customer experience.

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Auto Spa Towing is the ideal choice for all kinds of recoveries. From small passenger vehicles and SUVs to trucks, tractor-trailers, and mechanical equipment, we do it all. So don’t choose just any towing company in Alberta. Get started with Auto Spa Towing today, and see the difference that our professional service can make.