5 Tips to Take Care of Your Fabric Banners

Did you know damages to trade show exhibits often occur at the end of an event when exhibitors are in a hurry to leave? After a physically and emotionally draining day, exhibitors often don’t take enough care to pack their fabric pop up banners, says an expert at Print Banners, a leading banner printing company in New York.

One way to minimize this type of damage is by investing in high quality fabric banners. That’s because fabric banners are easy to pack, lightweight, foldable, and resistant to cracks and scratches. Despite being highly durable, however, fabric banners need some care and maintenance. Here are some ways to take care of your fabric banners.

1. Limit their exposure to rain and wind

If you are planning to use your fabric banners for outdoor advertising, make sure you protect them against heavy rains and strong winds. In bad weather conditions, move the banners indoors. Exposure to heavy rainfall can make your banners look less shiny. Also, when a banner is wet, too much fluttering due to a strong wind can damage it further.

2. Use the right cleaning method

You should regularly machine wash your fabric banners in cold water. Ideally, set your washing machine on a gentle cycle, so that the colors don’t lose their luster. For larger banners that don’t fit into your washing machine, consider washing them gently by hand. Avoid using detergents, bleach and any harsh cleaning tools, such as, scrubber sponges. When it comes to drying your banners, do it on a clothes line, versus using a dryer.

3. Iron out the wrinkles

Fabric banners often form wrinkles. Some of the wrinkles will go away naturally but some may need ironing. Use a steam iron for the job. Keep the temperature of your iron to a low or medium level. Never apply the hot iron directly to your banner or flag. Before you start ironing, place a press cloth or towel on your banner to avoid direct contact.

4. Ensure proper storing

You can use your fabric banners as a trade show backdrop or promotional sign. After the show is over, keep your banners rolled in a cool, dry place. Ideally, you should have a separate box for storing your fabric banners. When rolling pop up banners for trade shows, roll each panel of your banner separately. Make sure the place where you’re storing your trade show banners doesn’t have excessive moisture. You can also fold your banners, but make sure the folds are not damaging the graphics. When folding fabric banners, you should take special care of the hardware pieces.

5. Repair early

If you notice any small cracks or rips on your fabric banner, repair them as quickly as possible. Delay in the repair work can widen the cracks and make the repair job more difficult and expensive.

You’ve already invested your time and money to purchase fabric banners. So why not ensure their regular maintenance? With a little effort, you can keep your fabric banners look like new for years.