6 Benefits of Horse Riding You Should Know About

With the busy lives that we are all leading, these days, it’s so important to find a hobby that you really enjoy and which helps you to enjoy your downtime. Whilst many people choose to cook, paint, or play sports, horse riding has continued to be one of the most popular pastimes for people of all ages across the world. Horse riding is great exercise, provides us with an excellent opportunity for spending time outdoors, and teaches us many lessons about responsibility and animal welfare. It is a major misconception that only the wealthy can afford to do horse riding and fortunately that notion is beginning to fade.

1. Riding Helps Boost Your Happiness

The number one reason why we choose to do any hobby is, of course, because we enjoy it. Horse riding is such a fun hobby and everyone who tries it once quickly becomes addicted. Horses are such magnificent animals that even just spending time with them is an honor in itself. The experts at ayrequestrian.com explain that there are so many different kinds of horse riding to try such as competition dressage, racing at breakneck speeds, and jumping over fences and other obstacles, that you are sure to find one that pushes all your buttons. Great riding schools teach you how to do all of these things and to develop as a top equestrian.

2. Riding is Sociable

With our busy lives at work and looking after our families, it is not always easy to meet new people and spend time socializing. Learning to ride at a riding school is a fantastic way to make new friends from all walks of life and share in a common interest. In previous years, it was a major misconception that only the mega-wealthy could afford to do horse riding, but this is certainly not the case. Horse riding is very affordable and so you will be able to meet so many friendly, interesting people to spend time riding and in your personal life.

3. You Can Spend Time Outdoors

We all spend so much of our daily lives locked up inside. These days, the majority of people are working indoors in an office, and spend huge amounts of our time at home or riding in cars or on public transport. This is really bad as the health benefits of spending time outdoors has been well established. Horse riding is the perfect way to spend more time outdoors and enables you to breathe fresh, non-polluted air, which is good for your respiratory system, as well as getting lots of vitamin D, which is vital for immunity and overall good health.

4. Riding Makes You Brave and Determined

Horses are huge, powerful animals, and the first time that you get on one can be particularly intimidating. Even once you have overcome this first initial mountain, there will be challenges at every point of your horse riding career. As with any challenging hobby, it is the setbacks that force you to learn and to grow. Bravery and determination are so important in life and horse riding is a great way to develop these vital character traits.

5. You Learn to Be Responsible

Horse riding is about far more than just sitting on a horse and holding onto the reins. At the majority of riding schools, when you sign up for lessons, you will also be expected to help out around the stables. This will include feeding, grooming, and taking care of the horse’s general health, as well as cleaning out the stables and helping with the general maintenance of the school. These are all important life skills, especially for younger riders, as they teach you the importance of being responsible.

6. Riding is Great for All Ages

Horse riding really is a great hobby, no matter how old you are. Children as young as three can start riding horses and there is absolutely no upper age limit to enjoying this wonderful activity. Because of this, horse riding is a hobby that you can continue to do throughout your life and will always be there for you no matter what else is going on.

There are very few hobbies that provide as many wonderful benefits as horse riding. Keeping you healthy and learning you about looking after animals, horse riding is an activity which is ideal for people of all ages. If you have been considering giving horse riding a go, but weren’t sure if it was right for you, there is no better time to try than right now. Contact your local stables or riding school and you won’t regret it!