In Japan Your Wedding Witness Can Be An Alpaca

Here comes a random question, dear lazy penguins: Do you know what an alpaca is ? It is a South American camelid (similar to a llama). We all know by now that wedding is a sacred ceremony taking place in various cultures around the world. Usually they are very excessively expensive with many people attending the affair.

Now we ask ourselves, what is the connection between the first and the second? Far away in Japan, Hotel Epinard Nasu (located next to a zoo) offers this awesome creature (alpaca is a symbol of peace & prosperity in the regions of Shinto/Buddhist, Japan) for your wedding ceremony (say what?).

Enjoy the photos and let us know if you would like to have the Lazy Penguins in your wedding ceremony 😉 H/T: rocketnews24

Having an Aplaca as a Witness in Your Wedding.