7 Simple Ways to Keep the Winter Chill from Your Home

During the winter season, your home becomes your fortress. It staves off the icy winds and keeps the snowdrifts at bay, but sometimes you can find that the winter chill sneaks into your house unexpectedly.

Here are 7 ways in which you can make that winter chill pack its bags and leave your home.

  1. Keep it cozy

If you have a fire, learn to light it. There is nothing cozier than enjoying a hot drink in front of a roaring fire. If you don’t have a fire, create the same warm glow with a fire screensaver and a steaming hot water bottle.

  1. Stop the drafts

Draft excluders might seem like something your Grandma had in her home when you were young, but they are actually incredibly useful. Not only can you get them in any design, perfect to fit in with your home’s aesthetic, but they will also help to lower your heating bill. With no drafts getting under your doors you will notice that your house will stay warmer and there is no need to crank up your thermostat. Discover more on how you can draft-proof your home with the handy guide on simplemost.com.

  1. Check your heating

There is nothing worse than a mid-winter boiler breakdown. You are out of hot water and low on budget around the festive period, so keeping tabs on how your boiler is functioning is very handy indeed. If your boiler maintenance slips under the radar, don’t panic; cash loans are available this winter season to give your festive funds a helping hand.

  1. Stay active

Bring the heat from within. Keeping active will increase your blood circulation bringing warmth to your whole body. Even something simple like standing up and walking on the spot with increase your heart rate enough to warm you all over.

  1. Eat well

It is easy to fill up on comfort foods and carbs during winter, but there are plenty of reasons to add some vegetables to your plate as well. Without natural vitamins and minerals, your body will become more susceptible to catching the dreaded winter cold so load up on vitamin C and zinc heavy veggies to keep your immune system running smoothly.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Using a nip of gin or whiskey or any neat spirit to keep warm is entirely counter-intuitive. Although the alcohol might give you a burning feeling as you drink it, it isn’t actually warming you at all. Alcohol causes the blood vessels in your skin to expand, which accounts for the warm feeling; however, this means that the heat in your body is being drawn away from your vital organs, which is where it is needed most!

  1. Wear layers

Yes, it’s your mother’s best piece of advice – wear more layers. Your body heat gets trapped between the layers of clothing keeping in that extra warmth and ensuring that you stay toasty. If you are fashion-forward and are worried that an added jumper will ruin your look, layer from underneath instead. Add thermal tops or trousers under your outfit so that you always look your best while at the same time keeping off that winter chill.