8 Tips to Consider Before Going Camping

Are you a newbie camper? You’ll find the below points useful, as they are the best tips and tricks to consider before heading into the wilderness.

Check Campsite Rules

You may be planning on staying in a camping park. Each camping park has different rules. Read up on the rules of the park you’ll be staying in, as you could get kicked out otherwise.

If there are many camping parks near you, you would’ve hopefully researched each of their rules before settling on one. Some can be stricter than others.

Look at the Weather Forecast

It wouldn’t be smart to go camping without checking the weather forecast. You might know there’s a chance of a storm, so you’d have the appropriate gear.

Usually, some months of the year are better to camp in than others. This is usually from September to October in most parts of the world.

Don’t Cook inside Your Tent

A heating element in a tent is a major fire hazard. As a tent is so small, you’ll find it hard to escape If it catches into flames too.

Don’t cook inside your tent even if you have a small grill with a closed heating element.

Ear Plugs

Nature can be loud. You may end up camping near a roaring river, or it may be a particularly windy day. You might not sleep well, as a result. Bringing earplugs with you would be smart. You don’t need anything fancy, as a cheap pair will work.

Leave the Tech at Home

In terms of tech, just bring your phone for navigation and in case of emergencies. If you bring a lot of unwanted tech, it would be harder to move around, and you might not have enough space to carry essentials as well.

Depending on how accurate of a compass and map you bring, you might not even need a phone for navigation either.


Create a list of what you want to bring, and then cross-check what you’ve packed before you leave. This ensures you’ve not forgotten anything.

If you’re not sure what to bring, the most important is a tent and something to sleep in. Most shops that sell tents also sell sleeping bags, cots and mats. You’ll need appropriate hiking shoes as well as portable chairs and tables, headlights, a cooler, and cooking equipment too.

Of course, the size of the camping tent you get is up to you.

Have a Portable Charger

Your phone will need to be charged, so you should bring a charger. As you’ll be in the wilderness, there will be no outlet to plug your charger into, so bring a portable option instead.

If you’re going to be staying in a camping park, there might be a couple of outlets around, so a regular charger would be fine.

Bring Wet Wipes

There are many instances where wet wipes will be useful. Before you purchase a pack, make sure it is biodegradable, though. If you’re going to be hunting, don’t bring scented wet wipes as they can be strong, so animals might smell you from miles away.