A beginner’s guide to planning a family friendly ski trip

Ski trips may seem like an adult-only holiday, but they’re actually great fun for the entire family. Children typically love snow and there are plenty of activities for them to get up to on this type of getaway. If you’re planning your very first winter holiday with the entire family or have never been with the kids in tow, read on for our beginners guide to planning a family friendly ski trip.

It’s essential that the little ones wrap up warm so make sure you stock up on ski wear for kids – especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the slopes. Start with the base, layering up with thermals before adding a thick ski coat and trousers specifically designed for cold weather. Not only does it mean you can enjoy the snow for longer, it means the kids can enjoy the great outdoors without the negative effects of the cold.

Make sure you check out the reviews regarding children’s activities before you head off, or you may find there are no suitable slopes for the younger kids. It’s worth contacting the hotel or travel agent directly to find out the proper information you need. If you want some time to yourself to enjoy the snow, enquire and find out if there is a kids club so you can enjoy some time skiing like a pro. You can find five of the top family friendly ski resorts on The Telegraph.

Try and book ski lessons for the children in advance if you need to. It’ll help boost their confidence on the slopes but spaces can fill up relatively quickly during peak times. Children can start lessons from the age of three and these typically take place in a designated area away from others, meaning they can get stuck in without feeling embarrassed. Are the kids still unsure about skiing? Get some tips on convincing them to join in here.

Look into what other activities are available before you go. Sometimes the weather won’t go your way or you’ll feel tired from a few days of intense activity, so find out what other experiences are on offer. Horse-drawn sledges will be loved by all the family as well as petting zoos and dog sledding. Contact your resort to find out if they have any activity packages to reduce the cost or look up events in a nearby town so you have something to do when you don’t fancy a spot of skiing.

As with all holidays, it’s always worth looking into what deals are on and getting it booked in advance to stop the cost rising. Christmas and Easter holidays are both significantly cheaper than New Year or half term, so it’s worth trying to stick to these dates. Always check the weather patterns for these dates to ensure you get maximum snow rather than slush or rain. Ski holidays are very popular during the Christmas period and booking in early means you won’t have to worry about missing out.