Adorable Mixed Dog Breeds That’ll Make Your Heart Melt

Dogs have been our loyal companions for thousands of years. Every home is incomplete without a loving and loyal pooch of its own. People have been breeding dogs for many years which led to the variety of breeds that we can see around us today. 

However, a new trend is on the rise and it’s not about breeding a dog to be true to its pedigree. The latest development in the dog world is about mixing them up. Combining the different breeds has surprising effects and some dogs end up looking funny but after years of cross-breeding we have finally found out the best combinations to go for. 

The cross-bred dogs take up the dominant traits of both the parents, this makes them much more resilient to genetic disorders and increases their cuteness level too. Today, we are going to look at some of the most adorable cross-breeds that will make you want to get one just for yourself.


1. Goldador

What could be better than mixing up 2 of the most popular and most beloved dog breeds? Nothing, the Goldador proves this point with its overwhelmingly high cuteness. These dogs make great family dogs as they are great with children and even your other pets. These dogs have the best traits from their parents like their playful nature, extremely affectionate, and high energy.

The parent breeds have worn many hats throughout the world by being therapy dogs, police dogs, sniffer dogs, rescue dogs, service dogs, and much more. So it’s obvious that a cute little puppy with all these awesome genes will make an amazing companion.

2. Bernedoodle

If you love the goofy-looking dogs that instantly light up the atmosphere of your home then look no further, the Bernedoodle is the perfect companion for you. These dogs come in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the right dog according to the size of your home.

The parent dogs, Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle are 2 of the most highly sought-after dog breeds. This is due to the characteristics like high intelligence, hypoallergenic coats, and friendliness. The crossbreed also has similar traits which make them very desirable. The Bernedoodle also overcomes one of the major disadvantages of the parent breeds like an increased lifespan.

If you want a curly ball of fur rolling around your home and spreading smiles then the Bernedoodle is the dog of choice for you.

3. Pomsky

If you are an apartment dweller and want a pup who will keep you entertained at all times then a Pomsky might be your future best friend. These Pomeranian-Husky hybrids are a joy to watch due to their silly personalities, cute looks, and compact size.

These dogs like to be at the center of attention and can’t be really left alone or they’ll fill your house with crying. The Pomskies are extremely affectionate to family members and best suited for the cold weather. 

If you adore the small size of Pomeranians and the pointy ears of Huskies then this breed will match your requirements through and through.

4. Puggle

No, we are not talking about the baby platypus which is also called by the same name. Instead, we mean the adorable and tightly packed goodness that these puppies are. The Puggles are a mix of Pugs and Beagles. 

This makes them very loving to their owners since both the parent breeds are known for this quality too. This dog has got a keen sense of smell from its Beagle parent and a mischievous personality from the Pug parent.

These dogs are very well suited to apartment life as well. Just keep in mind that these balls of fur love to bark and take a little bit more effort when training. Other than that, these dogs are a delight to have.

These were some of the hybrid dogs that will definitely melt your heart even if it is ice-cold. The cross-breeding of dogs is not always very reliable and can result in some odd-looking dogs, however, these dogs in the list have been cross-bred for many years and the breeders know the tips and tricks to get the desired looks and traits in each litter. If you love puppies then do think about adopting one from a shelter, even most of the shelter dogs are usually crossbreeds due to people’s obsession with pedigree dogs. If you can find the right partner at a shelter instead of a shop or with a breeder, you will be saving one life from unfortunate circumstances.