Become a winning player in the online casino. How do you do that?

Everyone who loves the casino would like to win. Of course everyone will sign for a million-euro jackpot prize, but winning smaller prizes; there is nothing wrong with that. Although games of chance do not carry the word ‘chance’ for nothing, and your profit is largely determined by luck, there are ways to boost your odds. Today we ask the question: ‘How do you become a winning player in the online casino? Find here the best bitcoin roulette sites.

You can choose from a good number of casino games at the best online casinos. This goes from the classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat, to the more modern games such as the online video slots and in the live casinos nowadays Dream Catcher. For which game you choose determine yourself. As not all games have equal chances of winning, we have listed them below for you.

Theoretical payout percentages per game:

– Blackjack: 99.43%
– Roulette: 97.3%
– Punto Banco: 99.07%
– Online slot machines: 96%
– Lotteries: between 35% and 65%
– Online scratch cards: 95%

The profits differ on line casino

As you can see, there are different odds associated with the various casino games. But that does not mean much about the level of prizes that are awarded. Video slot games are a good example of games that can differ in payout percentage.

The jackpots’ slots in particular have lower general chances of winning, but the prices will rise higher; often up to the many millions of Euros. Examples of jackpot prizes that are tied to a high jackpot are Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune Dreams.

Are you going to win the highest prize or more often?

If you want to be a regular player in the prizes and if you are good at small gifts while playing, you choose a video slot with a high win percentage. If you prefer a game with life-changing prizes, you’d rather choose a jackpot game like the aforementioned Mega Fortune Dreams. Did you know that the latter slot game won a place in the Guinness book of Records because it ever gave away the biggest money prize?

Experience maximum fun

Of course it’s a bit of an open door, but we like to keep it there, because anyone who enjoys maximum fun can always call himself a winning player. A good tip to discover which game best suits your needs as a player is the flash casino. All you have to do is create an account for free.

Get your welcome bonus right away

The advantage as a new player is that you immediately drag your welcome bonus. At some online casinos such as online casino your first bet is doubled to € 200. In the flash casino you can start playing immediately. You do not have to download anything or wait until you can start. Discover which games suit you in terms of themes and speed. The online casinos offer a wealth of games that you can choose from and what your perfect game is you discover only by experiencing it yourself.