Benefits of Using Royalty-Free Music

The way in which videos are produced today has significantly changed since the dawning of royalty-free music. Nevertheless, when creating any video that requires music, an editor has only a limited number of choices.

They are:

Use custom music
Use licensed music with permission
Use licensed music without permission
Use royalty-free music

What is royalty-free music?
The label “royalty-free music” is simply music that’s licensed for a one-time fee. Once the client makes the single payment, there are not any royalties to pay for either production or airplay. Other terms used interchangeably for this type of music is non copyright music or “stock music.” Using royalty-free music has several benefits.

What exactly are the benefits of using royalty-free music?

It is comparatively inexpensive
Affordability can be important. The low cost is especially important to those with a limited production budget. All one has to do is locate a website that offers a good deal, pays the one-time fee and the music can be used as often as needed. There are no big fees from the copyright owners either.

It is Legal
Using non copyright music makes certain that the user does not do anything illegal like using copyrighted music without permission. Yes, many people have already used copyrighted music without permission and that is why the law continues to become more stringent, Keeping things legal is always the best option.

It saves time
Another benefit to using a library of stock music is it saves time. One can also pick and choose the music that works at a convenient time and pace. A stock music library allows the user to peruse various categories and is also able to browse multiple music genres easily ensuring said choices suit the specific needs. Additionally, library websites often also have speedy software that allows users to more easily and quickly download the songs selected.

The free previews
Most of the stock music websites like also include a surprising range of additional resources that are often indispensable to video producers. These added options increase the probability of making the very best selection. It also guarantees that the user knows the quality of the music prior to even paying the one-time fee.

Easy access
It is also very important to recognize that a website that provides easy access is incredibly important. There is no dealing with numerous licensing procedures and applications required when using licensed music.

Flexibility and variety
There is more flexibility with royalty-free music. It’s easier to use. There is also plenty of variety as well.

You can find pieces from a number of different genres including alternative, classical, country, hip-hop, jazz, R&B rock and more. You can also find tracks for specific holidays such as Christmas and Chanukah. You can find almost anything here which adds to the overall appeal of royalty-free music.

Additional resources
Most royalty-free music sites also include a surprising range of additional resources that are often indispensable to video producers. They include such things as sound effects, poetry, stock video footage, Premiere Pro templates, and even After Effects templates.

Promote indie artists
Using royalty-free music also helps promote and support independent or unsigned artists. Those who work in creative fields should easily understand how important this can be.

The bottom line to choosing music for videos is that it all comes down to what each individual is willing to risk or wants to pay. If one is not personally upset by the possibility of getting a nasty cease and desist letter from Lil Nas X’s army of attorneys or writing a check for thousands of dollars just to be able to use 11 seconds of “Old Town Road” in the closing credits of one’s video, then so be it. By the same token, if a user is fully hoping to have a long, hassle-free, economically-viable, career as a video content creator, then it certainly seems like a better idea to set up a simple, convenient royalty-free music subscription that will allow the user to focus on nothing but creating projects free of worry.


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