Creating a Gallery Picture Frame Wall

A gallery wall is a great way of giving a stylish look to your room while also expressing your artistic self. Fairly easier than painting or putting up wallpapers in your room, setting up a gallery wall gives your room a more refreshing and aesthetic look. The fact that you can give your gallery wall a new look anytime without any hassle gives you one more reason to get going with it. Pretty pictures of your favourite art or memories with stylish picture frames are enough to give your walls a positive vibe.

Setting up a gallery wall is not a cakewalk though. There are a few steps, which if not followed correctly, can turn your dream gallery wall into a nightmare. Here are a few basic points you must keep in mind while setting up a new gallery wall.

Choose the Right Pictures

It is not necessary to fill your wall with pictures at once. The right selection of pictures is very important. Taking your time to select the right pictures is a luxury you need to afford before setting up a gallery wall. A collection of pictures covering different genres makes a gallery wall more attractive and inspiring. Even if you choose to hang up your personal memories, you’ve got to select it with precision.

Choose the Right Alignment

After selecting the right pictures, you must arrange them in the right manner. This arrangement needs to depict a typical colour scheme that makes the collection look more enchanting. The arrangement can either be in a grid or salon design. The picture frames should complement the other pictures in a manner that all of them come up reflecting a theme on the wall.

Choose the Right Place

The next key aspect of a perfect gallery wall is the place where it is set up. Irrespective of the protective picture frames one could use for their art collection, a gallery wall is always vulnerable to heat and moisture. The ideal space for setting up a gallery wall is a place that is devoid of both moisture and heat. 

It is not necessary to have a large wall for setting up a gallery wall. Rather, a small space is more ideal. A gallery wall doesn’t take up any floor space which also sets it up as an ideal interior for a small apartment. Choosing the right wall in a small apartment for a gallery wall is the key. A wall that receives ample lighting to suit the tone of pictures should have the first preference.

Use the Space Wisely

People often end up drilling too many holes while setting up a gallery wall. This often happens due to improper planning. Proper planning is when the pictures are mapped out correctly before the drilling is initiated. The sizes of picture frames must be accurate to complement both the size of the wall and the other pictures in the collection. 

The spacing between each picture frame is also supposed to remain uniform. Of course, the size of picture frames won’t be the same and hence the subsequent spacing should also not be the same. The spacing should be such that the entire collection looks like one big collage.

Sync the Wall with Room Interiors

A very basic tip is to ensure the gallery wall is in sync with the room interiors. The floor plays a key role in bringing out the best of a gallery wall. The room interiors, including the furniture, need to match with the general theme of pictures to be put up on the gallery wall. 

Choose the Right Tone

The tone doesn’t mean the walls and interiors have to be of the same colour. The pictures, picture frames, and the room interiors should share one common tone, either light or dark. Light colours complement each other well and are more suitable for a gallery wall. In case you decide to put a dark-toned collection of pictures like black and white sketches, a high contrast wall should do the trick.Anything that involves using art is an art in itself. We hope these suggestions help bring out the artist in you to setup your perfect gallery wall that gives your room a beautiful and inspiring look.

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