Discovering Rural France 9 Adorable Villages in the French Countryside

Whenever you hear the name of France, imagine yourself sipping French Wine and gazing at the shimmering Eiffel Tower at night, don’t you? However, none of you have ever considered the French countryside, which is taking social media by storm. There are adorable villages in France that frequently attract filmmakers and now tourists too. So do not miss out on their beauty on your trip to France this time, and do visit them.

We share here some of the most serene villages of France in this post. When you are sure to land in France, try Air France today. Your tour will undoubtedly be a happening one. Let us now embark on a fabulous journey.

Meander Through the French Meadows and Villages 


The Village of Gordes seems to be a part of a fairy tale. There are climbing vineyards, flowy wheat fields, and a hilltop view, which makes it a village worth the visit. The Village is also famous for its 16th-century castle, which has inspired and attracted artists to put it on canvas; there are local wineries and eateries where you can eat delectable items.

  • Locronan

Locronan has thrived majorly on hemp weaving from medieval times. Moreover, the residents of this Village still carry out this handloom practice. Hence you can buy many hemp-based clothes while visiting the historical establishments and the chapels here.

  • Villefranche-de-Conflent

Villefranche-de-Conflent is located in the eastern Pyrenees and has been a site of domination of various past kingdoms. This dreamy Village must be on top of your must-visit place as it carries the remnants of various kingdoms in perfect condition. The major attraction here is the French King Louis XIV’s fortifications and various ancient caves of Cova Bastera.

  • Montrésor

You must have heard of the French Renaissance; Montrésor was a vital site then. The Village is also an eyegasm, as it appears to come to life right out of a storybook. There are castles, farms, medieval-style stores, churches, and everything else one could expect to find in a medieval community. Moreover, the locals have embraced modernity without abandoning their traditional ways of life.

  • Château-Chalon

If you browse the pictures of this Village, it will seem like any ordinary countryside spot with bland surroundings. However, if you come here, you will be amazed to know that this Village has an entire museum to showcase its Wine making history. The Wine Museum will tell you everything about winemaking and developing machinery to make the finest vine. Besides, the seasonal festivities also make this Village lively and worth visiting.

  • Riquewihr

Riquewihr is renowned for its beautiful wooden houses, vibrant flower-potted windows, and the view of the rolling hills all around. You can also visit an art museum here that heralds local arts, handicrafts, and sculptures. Besides, you will also love the Alsatian architecture and the wine trail. The local wineries also walk through the grape vineyards and will organize wine-tasting sessions for tourists.

  • Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

The history of this Village is associated with the king of Navarre, who decided to build a castle at the foothills of the great Pyrenees. Over time, civilization developed around it, which today exists as Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Some of the medieval architecture still exists here. So you will enjoy seeing the history while reconnecting with nature. The natural beauty of this Village is unparalleled and overflows with happy vibes.

  • Bruniquel

Bruniquel developed as a major civilization in medieval times, and out of those times, there remain two castles. Furthermore, this little Village is surrounded by forest from all sides. However, the most beautiful sight here is not its forest-guarded sheepish town but the sunflower farms. You can walk among them, and you will naturally feel joy. However, do not pluck them, as these flower farms are harvested for the livelihood of the locals.

  • Sainte-Agnès

Sainte-Agnès is a historic site in French history. Once, it was a significant site of contention among major European rulers due to its strategic location. However, today, its stone-built houses and the scenic view into the Mediterranean Sea make it a must-visit village in France.

End Note 

To visit these lovely villages, choose any airline, such as an Air France flight. You may then take coach tours to these villages to enjoy their beautiful splendor at its best. Once you enjoy their beauty, they will remain immortal in your memory lanes.