Everything To Think About Before Hiring A Plumber

Even for keen DIYers who think they can tackle just about anything, dealing with plumbing is always a tripping-up point. Like kryptonite, any sort of pipe can easily work out the amateurs from the professionals, and trying to DIY yourself to a solution often just creates more problems.

That being said, if you are experiencing plumbing issues, that doesn’t mean you should jump straight to the phone. Remember, plumbers typically cost more than builders or electricians, so you need to make sure you’re making the right call before you dial.

With this in mind, here are five things to think about before you hire a plumber, ensuring that the problem is dealt with as efficiently – and dryly – as possible!

Have You Diagnosed The Problem?

First off, you need to make sure that you have properly diagnosed the problem. For instance, if there is a problem with slow drainage, then that could simply be a symptom of a clogged pipe. Calling a plumber and spending nearly £100 for something like that is a waste of money, especially when you can safely and securely disassemble the pipe in question, clean it, and then reassemble it. Other issues that you can sort yourself include slow toilet flushing, low water pressure, dripping faucets, and more. Which brings us on nicely to our next point…

Have You Underestimated Your Own Abilities?

We started this article by describing plumbing issues as the DIYers’s kryptonite, but that doesn’t mean you should count yourself out completely. What we’re saying is that you should try to diagnose the issue, consult with a reputable building merchant – a company like Macblair, for instance, are one of the top merchants to offer consultations, as well as any plumbing supplies and products – and check if it’s safe enough to do by yourself. If you think this is outside of your range, that’s when you should start looking at prices.

Have You Compared Quotes?

Before hiring any plumber, you should always ask for a quote on pricing, and then compare that quote with at least 3 other plumbing companies. As mentioned before, plumbers are expensive, and you want to make sure you’re not hiring them to do a job that could be achieved just as well as another, more cost-efficient plumber. That being said, it isn’t just about hiring the plumber who charges the least. You need to ensure that you read reviews and have a good idea of their skills before making the call.

Have You Checked For A Licence?

Another important thing: always check that your chosen plumber has the appropriate licensing. There are some places that do not require licensing, of course, but if you go with an uncertified, licensed plumber, it’s far harder to ensure that the job is going to be done properly. As mentioned before, plumbing can be intricate work – which is part of the reason why it’s more expensive than other building or home maintenance hires – so the last thing you want to do is hire another plumber to sort out a faulty job done by the last one!

Have You Talked To Them?

The best plumbers and plumbing companies ordinarily offer a warranty, which acts as a guarantee on the work that they are going to be carrying out. Because of the nature of the work, this is something you can work out when you talk to them. Make sure you call and speak directly with your plumber, discuss the issues, what they are offering, the warranty, and the timing of the job, and then go from there.

Have You Taken All The Necessary Steps?

Lastly, you need to make sure that you have done everything you can to make their job as easy as possible. The first thing to do is to locate the main shut-off valve – your plumber will ask where it is – clean and clear the area where they will be working in and, if you have any pets, make sure they are kept in a separate room, as the plumber will likely be going in and out of the house to get the job finished. After you do all of that, you are ready for the visit, and your pipes should be working in no time!