Reversible Sectionals Provide the Versatility Your Home Needs

If you’ve been shopping for furniture recently, you may have been overwhelmed by the numerous styles and designs available for sofas. One of the most popular styles is the sectional sofa, but is it right for you?

If you have a family with more than three members, a sectional sofa provides enough space for everyone to sit on the same piece. The deep seats give each person plenty of space to spread out and lounge while sharing a movie or discussion.

For those you entertain often, sectional are excellent choices for your guests. Watching football game or other sporting events are fun in group settings, and the sectional can fit a number of fans. Everyone will have a clear view of the tv and can remain engaged with one another as they celebrate their team’s victory or ponder their loss.

Are you a person who likes to relax on the sofa? Then a sectional is what you need. Leather or microfiber sectionals are comfortable due to the texture of the materials. Even the depth of the seats allows you to curl up with a blanket as if it were a bed. A reclining sectional sofa is definitely made for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Don’t be surprised if you find someone sleeping soundly in a reclined seat.

Whether you’re moving or updating your current space, a reversible sectional is a perfect choice for your living space. These sectionals have a chaise lounge option that lets you move the chaise from the left to right side effortlessly. You’ll have the luxury of a chaise sectional without the limits of a non-reversible sectional.

The way it works is that you can change the chaise cushion’s placement to fit your preference. If you want it on the right side today and the left side tomorrow, this is the piece that makes that possible.  The chaise extension is supported by a standalone ottoman platform.

To switch sides, just remove the chaise cushion and slide the ottoman to the other end of the sofa. Remove the shorter cushion and replace it with the chaise cushion. Then simply take the chaise cushion off, move the ottoman to the other side of the sofa, and place the seat cushions in their new positions. Now you have a new look for the room.

For more functionality, choose a reversible sleeper sofa. You only have to move the small ottoman and cushions to unfold the sleeper mattress. These are wonderful for guestrooms as they give visitors a seating option during the day.

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Reach out to a non-commissioned design specialist today for a free consultation, and get the sectional your home deserves.