Expert Maintenance Tips for Chainsaws 

A chainsaw is the most reliable tool a man could ever ask for, from its helpful way of cutting down old huge trees and trimming branches, sculpting ice, or making a cabin out of wood. The question remains, how will you be able to maintain its powerful performance? What are the things you should keep as good as possible? In this article, we have gathered a few helpful tips about chainsaw maintenance. 

Things You Need To Prepare

It is pretty easy to maintain your chainsaw, you just have to prepare all the required stuff to remove months of sawdust accumulated over time. Before you begin cleaning up your chainsaw, make all the items mentioned below ready. This will save you time and make the process smooth and in a matter of time, it will be finished. 

  • Set of gloves
  • Air compressor
  • Brush and cloth
  • New gas
  • Bar oil

Things You Should Know

Before getting your hands dirty, you should have the basic knowledge of the parts of it to disassemble it properly without breaking the chainsaw. There are three main parts of a chainsaw are bar, powerhead, and chains.


Undoubtedly, with its given name it is the main part of a chainsaw. It is how trunks, branches, or woodcut itself with the help of a chain. Cleaning it may be tricky and can get most of your time wondering how will you be able to do it correctly, which tools you should use to bring it back to its glory. The good thing is that you can visit this site to have a better understanding of how to take care of your chain. The basic thing you can do to get the dirt off of the chain is to place it in a container and fill it with gasoline for 24 hours to soften the gunk then brush off all the dirt after submerging it.


We all agree that we tend to forget cleaning our chainsaw after using it that usually results in accumulated grease and dirt. That is why the first thing you should clean is the bar, it is one of the main parts of a chainsaw where the chain lies and enable to cut wood and responsible for keeping the chain straight. To clean it, you should wear protective gloves for your hands to avoid getting cut with its sharp edges. Once ready, you can remove the bar safely and make sure that every bolts and screw are placed accordingly. Every chainsaw has its kit and you should be able to use the appropriate file that can get through the gap of your bar to ensure all sides was deeply clean. It will also help the bar edges smooth.


It is also called a powerhead which is responsible for making the chainsaw up and running. This usually includes a cylinder wall, air cooling, exhaust system, etc. Oftentimes, it can get most of the sawdust from projects the owner did. The first step you should do is to take off the cover of the air filter and have a pan or container ready then it with spray cleaner. Alternative options are tin of gas or solvent to clean it with a brush. Always check the spark plug and replace it when needed.

Subcomponents Parts

Each machinery has its sub-components, which play a major role in the efficiency of its function. Other components that complete the chain saw are listed below:

  • Cover assembly- holds the body and chain
  • Clutch assembly – drives a chain 
  • Fastening assembly – holds the bar chain and cover assembly
  • Oil tank – it provides lubrication of the chain in the bar
  • Fuel tank- where you put your oil and gasoline
  • Recoil starter – it helps the motor to start
  • Lower handle assembly – it is where you can grab the chainsaw 
  • Safety catch – controls the chainsaw/ regulates your throttle control
  • On-off switch – where you can turn the chainsaw off and on
  • Spark plug – this helps ignite the chainsaw to produce power

Indeed, taking care of your chainsaw will benefit you in so many ways from making it last longer, reduce the chance of having major issues, and maintaining its quality. It is more practical to keep your equipment with proper care instead of buying a new one. If you have just purchased one for yourself, just make sure to follow the tips in cleaning it properly and you would never go wrong. Carefully go after the instruction and do not skip a step then you’re good to go.