Great Reasons To Consider A Lawn Care Service

Not everyone enjoys the lawn work, but everyone wants to enjoy their lawn. It’s not really a stretch to say that lots of people totally ignore their lawn at worst, and consider its care a chore and nuisance at best. Achieving that gorgeous lawn is a victory; a triumph to show off to friends and neighbors, especially the neighbors. No dry patches; no weeds; no moss; just luscious greenery. The key to achieving that isn’t in having the most tools and equipment; it’s all about commitment. The same way you succeed in other aspects of life by being committed and doing the necessary work, the same way your lawn needs your commitment for it to stay beautiful and healthy.

If you can’t commit to the lawn work, perhaps it’s about time to get into the pros to do it and hire a lawn care service. If you’re kind of debating that, let us join in on the debate and give you a few reasons why you should go for it and get hiring!


Not every home job, interior or exterior, should be done in a DIY style. With all due respect to DIY projects, when it comes to lawns, they might not achieve the same manicured look of a garden that professionals can. Lawn care is a tedious job which involves a lot of work and requires attention. For instance, depending on the type of grass you have, there are certain heights to mow it to perfection. You also need to mow often, and that’s just the basics of mowing. 

There are so many other tasks involved, which is why it can become frustrating, time-consuming and overwhelming to handle on your own. So, if you live in Australia for example, where they’ve come to realize how helpful this can be, you don’t have to do it all by your lonesome. The lawn mowing gardeners at My Lawn Care recommend you hire professionals to handle these tasks for you, such as edging, tree trimming, tree removal (from professionals like, pruning, weed treatment, debris cleaning and much more. A professional service will usually offer customized packages as well as seasonal packages since each season calls for specific things to do, and what you do in spring is different from what you need to do in the summer to make your lawn look its best. You can also get a flat rate so that you know what you’re going to pay each time. When you hire a company, you just choose the day and time for them to come, and they will do the rest.  


You might not think so, but lawn care services can actually save you money; lawn tools and equipment are by no means cheap. Your garage or backyard is probably full of tools specifically bought to use on your lawn; we’re guessing that a lot of them might not have been used. It’s like the same way we get enthusiastic and buy a lot of sports equipment that we use a few times, then let them collect dust. 

Besides the initial costs, you still have the costs of maintaining and/or repairing the equipment you bought. With a service, they bring in their own professional equipment and tools, and if you do the math, most likely you’ll find that taking care of your lawn on your own isn’t really saving you money.

Safety factors

So, you might ask, “how dangerous could tending a lawn be anyway?” Well, in the USA, 6,394 people sustain serious injuries from lawn mowers alone each year according to a study done by John Hopkins. Lacerations, breaks and fractures and amputations are the most common and most of the time will need hospitalization and possible operations. Thousands more are treated for lesser injuries. 

So yes, lawn work can be very dangerous; not to mention the sprains or strains you can get from movements while trying to get into hard to reach areas.


There’s always something else you might rather be doing than caring for your lawn. Even people with a green thumb want a break from their lawn and make time to do something else. There’s a lot to be said about convenience when all you have to do is book online for professionals to come over and save you and your desperate lawn.


Chances are you don’t know everything you need to know about lawns and garden care. That’s why people might do something the same way they saw, or read, in a tutorial, wait, then wait a little longer and still see no results. You can’t learn everything from a video. After all, experience accounts for a lot.

Achievement needs commitment. It’s difficult to find the time and effort to commit to your lawn work on a regular basis, and that’s the only way to get a picture-perfect lawn. A professional service team that knows about lawn care and applies their experience and effort into it, can get you the gorgeous lawn that will speak for itself.