Home Design Trends That Are Gaining Popularity By State 

The housing market has seen a surge of up to 17% last year, according to Forbes. This can be attributed to the rising demand for new homes because of lower mortgage rates. A solid labor market has also given wage earners the extra means to purchase a property.
When it comes to purchasing homes, design trends are factored in, especially for homeowners who want to  follow what’s hot in the market. Of course, these design trends will vary depending on location like the ones below.

Coastal Design For A Touch Of Seaside 

States that are near the Atlantic, such as Delaware, Florida, South Carolina, and Rhode Island often have coastal designs in their homes. Consulting a  Delaware home builder can provide insights on how to achieve that coastal feel to your home, whether it is contemporary coastal design or a dark and stormy trend that you are after. Contemporary coastal home designs typically make use of sleek lines and bright patterns, while grey shades focus on darker tones in furniture and paint.

Boho Design Styles For The Free-Spirited 

Houses in the southeastern part of the United States often lean toward boho, coastal, or even farm design trends because of the lack of industrial businesses. States such as Alabama, Maine, and New Mexico are just a few that make use of these home design trends.  Boho designs tend to be open when it comes to a color palette as well as furniture used because they focus more on the homeowner’s personality. And because of the laid back cultures of those who are in these areas, it can be easily seen in their breezy, free-flowing interiors.

Farmhouse Styles Create Warmth  

In states such as Idaho, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, the more noticeable home design trends are farmhouse style. As the name suggests, expect to see more natural wood being incorporated on the walls, the chairs, even in the design of the kitchen. Warm colors are also utilized in these states that create a cozy atmosphere indoors. Expect to see more eclectic furniture pieces and accessories in farmhouse style houses.

Industrial For A Modern Feel 

The industrial design trend is quite common in areas where industrial companies are booming. Among these are in states such as New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania just to name a few. Think of this style as a modernized version of Farmhouse where metal structures deliver a cool and calm interior. Most industrial homes make use of metal and wood but with a vintage twist through rustic furniture and accessories. Industrial home designs tend to be minimalistic by nature.
House design trends vary from one state to the next. Those that are near the coast often incorporate elements of the sea to their space, such as hues of blues and white. Boho is often seen in the country’s southeast where design trends focus more on the owner’s personality. Farmhouse designs also tend to be more appealing in states that have large swaths of farmland. Meanwhile, those who are closer to the cities lean towards industrial style interiors where metal and wood are the key elements.