Hosting the Ultimate SuperBowl Party

Its almost like a holiday for many, a key date in the diary, Super Bowl Sunday.

Every year in February the NFL season climaxes with the Super Bowl, the final two teams competing for the Lombardi Trophy and their chance to be named champions.

American Football is the most supported sport across the United States and people from all over the world tune in every year. More and more people are becoming attracted to the league which showcases its regular season games in England and Germany as well.

Bettors from every continent will be checking the Super Bowl odds throughout the season for who they feel will compete, as well as the varied selection of bets on offer once the two teams have been confirmed.

Plans are often confirmed well in advance for how you’ll be watching one of the most viewed sporting events in the world and we have some tips for hosting the Ultimate Super Bowl party this season.

Television or Projector?

Let’s face it, when it comes to watching the game, bigger is always better.

Having a large television enabling everyone to see the game from wherever they are sitting on standing is imperative. Don’t make your guests squint or miss anything. Where possible, wall mounting is a great idea so that people can sit around the room and not worry too much about blocking anyone’s view.

If your guests are big fans of the game, the half time show, or even the Super Bowl adverts, making sure they have high-definition visuals and excellent sound quality will help ensure no one goes home disappointed, unless their side loses.

With larger rooms with much more space, a projector can really help in providing an unforgettable experience for your guests with the game displayed all the way across a wall if possible.

A projector can be relatively small, but it can’t be blocked or else everyone misses something. You will need an uninterrupted path to the wall, and a clear one at that, or a sheet to project onto.

Whichever you choose, make sure you have it all set up in advance and not leave anything to the last day to make sure there are no issues.


Once you know where you’ll be showing the game, you need to think about the number of guests you’ll have and where they will sit. It’s a long game to keep people standing through so be creative. Have your sofas and chairs, maybe cushions on the floor if needs be, and have space to move between so people can get up and grab drinks and circulate around to sit with different people.

Make sure you have some small tables or sideboards where people can safely leave drinks or plates near each seat, if possible, too. You don’t want to be rushing around clearing up spills and missing the game when there were chances to avoid it.

Food and Drink

This can vary from state to state as well as across the pond into Europe where the games are being played much later in the night. But what will make a top Super Bowl party is often a theme.

Think about the sides who are competing in the Super Bowl and think about going with a local dish from one of the teams, or one from your area which can be easy to serve.

Ease of serving is often key so that everyone can help themselves and you aren’t stuck serving and organizing too much while the game is on.

If you’d rather keep it simple, order in some wings and other BBQ style foods which can be laid out on the table for your guests to grab buffet style.

You can’t fail though if you have some Super Bowl themed items, like a football cake, or serving chips in a football helmet. There is plenty to play around with and this can go further into the decorations around the house.

For drinks, remember that its often great to have a few beers with the game, but that’s not for everyone. Some people don’t drink, some parties will have children and young people, so think about a non-alcoholic punch and some sodas to ensure there’s something for everyone.


While the game will be the key focus for most people, if you have family and friends over then there may be different levels of passion for the action on the field. Set up challenges or forfeits if certain things happen during the game like a missed field goal or an interception.

The adverts are a huge part of the experience for many too, why not have a ranking game throughout to see which advert you all think was the best.

Before the game you can have activities for everyone to join in with like Super Bowl trivia, bingo or if the weather isn’t too bad why not play a bit of football in the park or the garden to get everyone in the mood.