How To Create the Ultimate, Productive Home Office

Many office workers moved home to a remote work environment over the last few years. Most of today’s workers agree they’re more productive and happier when working from home. But, a quiet and well-laid-out home office can help you maximize productivity. Design the ultimate, productive home office with the following tips.

Ensure Ample Sunlight

A good amount of sunlight can keep you energized throughout the workday. Large windows let a good amount of sun indoors. While ample sunlight can also be a great way to improve your mood while working, adjustable window treatments allow you to close them when the sun is just too bright. Make sure you have plenty of table and floor lamps to lighten the room when the sun isn’t out yet.

Designate Specific Work Spaces

You’ll likely do most of your work on your home office desk. However, having other workspaces within your office, if large enough, can also help improve productivity. A couch lets you sit back and catch up on emails while relaxing. A small table near a window is the perfect spot for reviewing physical documents while also enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Give yourself ample room to move, whether you need a break to stretch throughout the day or want to increase your steps. Placing your desk centrally in the room rather than against a wall can give you more space in your home office. Of course, choosing the best space in your house for your home office can make all the difference. Our advice would be to get a District Lending home loan, and then make sure your real estate agent searches for homes with enough space for a home office. Whether searching for a home in busy Phoenix or one of the more rural suburbs, you can easily turn extra space into your dream home office.

Plan for Ample Organization

Ample organizational cabinets and shelves can make keeping your workspace tidy and clean easier. Make sure everything has a place, and make it a point to return your office equipment to that place each night before ending the workday. You may also want to consider a lockable storage cabinet for confidential documents.

Make Comfort a Priority

Comfort can make longer work days easier to manage. An ergonomic chair that helps promote good posture reduces sore necks or backs that are common when you spend a lot of time on a computer. Even the desk you choose can affect your comfort when working from home. A stand and stretch desk allows you to work while sitting or standing. Some people may even enjoy installing a treadmill underneath the desk to get their steps in while working.

Personalize Your Space

The ability to personalize your space is one of the biggest benefits of working from home. Gone are the days of dull, dark work spaces. Add as much or as little color as you want in your home office. Choose colors or artwork designs that appeal to you the most. Prioritize designs or pieces of artwork that inspire you to make the most of working from home.


You might also paint your office’s walls differently than the rest of your home to designate a separate place. A simple white paint color can brighten the space while helping you maintain a professional aesthetic. You could also consider fun pops of color to help energize you throughout the day.

Invest in the Latest Technology

Choosing modern technologies can help you stay connected when at home. If your workday involves video meetings, ensure you have good desk lighting and a video conferencing camera system. A backup Wi-Fi router or mobile hotspot can ensure that you don’t lose connection during important work meetings. A desktop or laptop with multiple screens also allows you to work on different projects without shifting between screens, significantly increasing your productivity. Of course, don’t forget about a good surge protector, which can help prevent technology loss during storms.

Incorporate a Hobby

The great thing about working from home is that you can skip the busy commute and frequent interruptions. This gives you more time to focus on your work and allows you to take breaks as you wish. Rather than spending your break in a dark employee room, use it to enjoy a favorite hobby. Boost your energy with a quick yoga or meditation session. Catch up on your reading list. Your options are endless if your office is equipped with your favorite hobbies.

Redesigning a room in your home can give you a productive space to work. Without the distractions common in an office setting and no longer having to commute to and from the office, you can also enjoy a productive workday from the comfort of your own home. A few DIY projects help you turn your home office into a place that makes you comfortable and productive.