How to Flaunt Your Artwork on a Tea Towel

Over the years, tea towels have emerged as a household staple grocery item. They are generally an excellent utility for kitchen and dining for their superb absorbency and tendency to clean and dry. There must be a few lying around somewhere in your house too. If you are someone craftsy and have a hidden artist somewhere inside you, you have one extra reason to love tea towels. They can be a fantastic medium for you to not only show off your hard work but also make money out of it.

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In the recent past, Pinterest and other arts and crafts bloggers in the cyberspace have been going gaga over the mindblowing craft projects that can be made using flour sack towels and tea towels. With something as inexpensive and worthless as a tea towel, you can create something amazingly gorgeous and can oomph to your interior’s aesthetics. Moreover, you can even sell your projects to someone who loves collecting had crafted masterpieces.

Using the DTG Printing Method

Anyone who loves working on artistic projects would know the ecstasy of having people praise your effort and creativity. Very few people would want to create masterpieces to lock them away in a closet. If you are one of those people who loves to experiment with different media, you will enjoy playing around with tea towels. Your artwork will come out beautifully on them if you use the right techniques. One of the easiest methods to do so is the Direct to Garment or the DTG printing technique.

The best thing about this technique is that not only it is effortless to follow but is also very cost effective, and you will not have to invest in pricey tools and ingredients. Remember that the technological hardware such as a specialized DTG printer for this type of printing is very expensive, however, you can still achieve the same purpose by outsourcing your tea towels printing job to professional DTG printing services such as Mary’s Kitchen Towels. Moreover, the detailing and gorgeous color output that the DTG method gives is unmatched by any other printing technique.

The DTG technique makes use of water-based inks, which makes tea towels a fantastic medium for their absorbency of water. Unlike other methods, such as screen printing, DTG technique is more technology oriented. As a result, not only your output will have more precision and neatness, but it also gives you a lot of room for customizing your design.

Sell Your Creations!

There is no doubt that art is satisfying and therapeutic. However, once you are over the stressfully relaxing process of finishing and admiring your masterpiece, you can also make money out of it. Not everyone has the talent to create aesthetically appealing stuff on their own, but many people crave to collect them and decorate their living space with gorgeous handcrafted pieces. This is precisely where your market lies. There are many ways in which you can market and sell your artistic tea towels.

  • Museums: Most museums have a museum store that stock and sell artworks to visitors and collectors. This is an amazing way to penetrate the market and sell your artwork, however, making your way to a museum store could be a bit tricky. Make sure that your work is good enough to fit the criteria of the museum store that you are aiming. Other than that your PR and communication with the Museum administration needs to be on point. Keep track of seasons and exhibition themes to make sure that your artwork will sell.
  • Exhibitions: Art exhibitions are another great way to market your artwork. They are also much more comfortable to access and manage, compared to a museum store. If you are a newbie, it would be a better idea to participate in an exhibition that features multiple artists. This is because as a new artist you might not have a lot of followers, but your work might catch attention when people are visiting for works of other artists or in search of a diverse variety,
  • Online Sales: If you are not very commercial headed and want to stay away from the physical museums and exhibitions, you can sell using the cyber world. Thanks to the budding E-Commerce industry, you can quickly sell your artwork on online stores such as Etsy or E-bay. You can also create your own Facebook page or an Instagram profile to build your unique client base.