How to Host an Instagram-Worthy Dinner Party

Are you the proud host of an upcoming dinner party? One way you can gauge its success is by whether or not your guests post pictures of the occasion on Instagram. Whether this is your first dinner party or you’ve thrown many before, here are a few tips for making your upcoming event Instagram-worthy.

Plating Is Everything

When it comes to hosting a dinner party your guests will rave about, how you plate your tables is of utmost importance. Whether your event is formal or laid-back, make sure your dinnerware is worthy of the occasion. If done properly, your guests will start snapping photos of your table layout in no time.

Reserve a Classy Venue

Instead of hosting your dinner party in your backyard or other ordinary location, consider looking for Austin event rentals that are available when you need them. Holding your event at a hotel or on a rooftop can add to the appeal and decrease your stress.

Optimize Your Lighting

Create a romantic ambiance at your dinner party by incorporating candlelight or soft-light bulbs wherever you can. Modern phones can capture low-light conditions with stunning detail, so don’t worry about negatively affecting photo quality. If you’re worried about your lighting being too dim, take some practice photos before your guests arrive and adjust your lighting as needed.

Opt for Fresh Flowers

If possible, invest in fresh flowers and use them in your table settings and other party décor. They will add a pleasant fragrance to your party and will look great whether your event is casual or formal. If you’re booking one or more party rentals, or more specifically, furniture rental for weddings, find out what kinds of centerpieces and backdrops they offer.

Establish a Dress Code

To prevent some guests from showing up in jeans while others arrive in prom-worthy attire, establish a clear dress code for our event. Include the dress code in your invitations.

Whether your dinner party is formal or casual, follow these tips to make sure the occasion is Instagram-worthy.