How to Keep the Romance Alive

When you find that you are losing the passion that once existed in your married life, what do you do? Do you light romantic candles, play music and take a bubble bath together? Many couples find that try adding new sex positions brings novelty to their sexual experience and relationship.

After being together with each other for several years, it is only natural for things to fall into a routine that becomes boring. The way to keep the spark lit is to try something new. Apart from new sex positions, men can also consider natural male enhancement supplements to improve on their performance. However, make sure you read more about them before making a buying decision. Unbiased information from sites like Men’s Health Digest, which offers reviews on several best male enhancements, including Fomdi reviews, can be a good option.

In the meantime, here are some sex positions you can try.

Doggy Style

A form of a rear-entry position, doggie style is a wild and naughty sex position, in which the man bends over the women’s curve from behind, while the woman support herself with her elbows to achieve deep penetration. In such a position, the penis is naturally tilted slightly downwards and as a result easily rubs up against the woman’s G-spot. Many people try doggy style in front of a mirror to further turn up the heat by helping the woman to also catch a glimpse of the act.

According to a study by Canadian researchers, the way your spine moves during doggy style makes it the best sex position to avoid back pain as well, since this position puts less stress on the spine and requires more hinging at the hips.

Missionary Position

Popularly known as the man-on-top position, the missionary position is a sex position in which a woman lies on her back and a man lies on top of her while they face each other and engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual activity. The study by Canadian researchers mentioned above find the missionary position to be the second-best, when you are trying to avoid back pain, since this position allows the man’s spine to remain mostly neutral during the act.

Missionary position is found to be great when couples are trying to have a baby, since here woman is lying down on her back, such that her vagina tilts towards the cervix, which helps the sperm to easily make their way to the ova.

Even if the couples aren’t planning pregnancy, this position has multiple benefits that make it a hot favorite. It allows maximum skin contact and eye contact, allowing couples to remain romantically connected, only strengthening their bond.


To achieve this position, the woman lies on her side with the man behind them. The woman then lifts her to allow the man to shift his lower body into a half-kneeling position, entering the woman’s vagina from behind to achieve intense G-spot-rubbing penetration. This is a highly romantic position, since it involves a lot of cuddling and caressing, and couples can eventually go to sleep in this position, once they have experienced the peak of their sexual encounter.

Sex positions can vary. However, it is the love and bond between the couple that should remain intact. Men can try natural male enhancement products like Fomdi, the reviews for which are mostly positive, to enhance their stamina, libido, strength and circulatory health to increase the pleasure both partners. However, make sure you read about the product’s ingredients, dosage and side-effects before buying.