The Best Hybrid Cars to Take on a Road Trip

Gas prices are getting ready to soar this summer, making a hybrid a smarter choice than ever. There’s no better way to get the best gas mileage while also enjoying all the of the luxuries and amenities you’re used to. Although electric cars are trending as commuter vehicles, nobody wants to get stuck re-charging their vehicle while on a road trip. Whether you’re looking to rent a hybrid for the road trip or getting ready to upgrade your own vehicle and go a little greener, here are the best hybrids for your summer road trip:

1. Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze is available as a hatchback model, making it the preferred choice for those who are road tripping with their furry friends. Simply put up a netting between the storage area and the front or back seat for an instant doggy or kitty crate. Get up to 52 mpg on the highway in one sporty package as well as standard built-in Wi-Fi and phone integration at the ready.

2. Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota, and especially the Camry, has been a staple of efficiency and durability for decades. This affordable model starts at well under $30,000 and can get up to 40 mpg on the highway. Complete with a 200 hp engine, it packs plenty of punch. The non-hybrid version won the best-selling car of the year award in 2016, and is well known for its power blended with functionality.

3. Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid

Another offering from Toyota, this crossover also starts at under $30,000 and you can enjoy 32 mpg with a hybrid engine boasting 194 horsepower. The all-wheel drive comes in handy on any terrain. The Rav 4 is the second best-selling small SUV in the country, and it’s getting more popular by the year. As a hybrid, it offers some of the most cargo space than any other hybrid on the market making it perfect for road trips.

4. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

With a starting MSRP of just $26,835, it’s one of the most affordable hybrids available. Plus, you can get up to 45 mpg on the highway with a 4-cylinder, 2-liter engine packing 193 horsepower. It features forward-wheel drive and 140 pounds of torque. Kelley Blue Book calls it one of the best sedans under $25,000 (some base models can be found for this price in the non-hybrid version).

5. Kia Optima Hybrid

Another affordable option at just under $27,000, you can enjoy up to 46 mpg on the highway with 192 horsepower and 140 pounds of torque. It’s similar in many ways to the Sonata, combining power and great mileage. One of the reasons drivers love the Sonata is because of the safety features like hill-start assist and brake assist. However, it really comes down to style if you’re deciding between these two.

6. Honda Accord Hybrid

Looking for a little more luxury? The Accord might be more your speed with an MSRP of just over $30,000. It features up to 47 mpg on the highway with a 4-cylinder, 2-liter hybrid engine boasting an impressive 212 horsepower. It’s one of the most powerful hybrids on the market and still competitively priced. For many Honda loyals, it was the Accord hybrid that brought them over to the green side.

When summer begins, and the gas prices start creeping up, that’s when you really understand just how important going green can be. Choosing a hybrid gives you better gas mileage and helps you enjoy a little more peace of mind as you take to the open roads.