How to organize a Halloween party

Halloween is one of the most unusual and beloved holidays, and for a good reason, it is a lot of fun. The “trick-or-treats”, the creepy atmosphere from everywhere, jack-o’-lanterns, Hallmark’s Halloween cards, the fact that we disguise ourselves, embodying characters we normally fear, having a lot of fun in the meanwhile, all of these have a special charm.

And you know what’s even more interesting? To bring all of this fun at home, to invite friends and family to join and have an amazing Halloween party.

If you are thinking about this, we have some suggestions that could help you throw the spookiest party:

Prepare Your House Accordingly

There is a multitude of options when it comes to decorating your house for Halloween. Use some Jack-o’lanterns, some fake spiders, use a lot of candles and fake blood. Set aside some spare time before the holiday to craft some decorations and just let yourself play with it! Some ideas about what you can do: a spider garland, a ghostly wreath decoration, vampire napkin rings (with napkins painted with fake blood and caught with vampire teeth), creepy wall hangings.You can put up a ghost tour in your house or create a fake murder scene, or whatever other scenes that will

Put Some Sound

If your house is like most of the houses, you probably don’t have ghosts haunting around(or who knows?) and making frightening noises. In order to create that impression of a haunted house or just make the atmosphere more fearsome, buy a CD of eerie and Halloween-appropriate tunes or compile your own and watch the decorations become more alive and the place transforming itself! A source recommends playing “Monster Mash,” “Witch Doctor,” and “Ghostbusters” to get the party started. Maybe at some point, you will also believe that there could be someone in your house.”Whoo-oo-oo-oo…”

Think about Food

In the Day of the Dead, everything should be scary, including meals and cocktails.

Whatever you do, in order to achieve the best result, use a lot of fake blood, sweets with insect shapes, create food decorations that are similar to the organs from the human body, like eyes, nails, brain, hands, legs etc.You can also buy plastic items and just put them on the plates among the food items.Brink enough alcohol and make sure you have Bloody Mary.

Take Care of Your Looks

As the host of the party, your look is very important. Take care of your make up: use as much black, red and pink as you wish. You can also try painting yourself in different ways. The good part is that you don’t have to be a good artist as in this day there is no rule except the one that you should be scary, so you can let your wild part get out and manifest itself as it wants!

Make sure to choose a Halloween costume that blends well with the way you decorated your house. Choose an unusual costume that will put you in evidence and will make you one of the scariest presences at the party.

Use this tips in order to create an unforgettable party! Don’t forget to put up some good music if your guests want to dance and also invite them to play games. If you take care of the atmosphere and make sure that there is enough food, drinks, entertainment & activities, you can be sure that your guests will stay up until the morning.

And whatever you chose to do, be wild & creative