How To Organize A Wedding During The Pandemic: Be Aware Of These Things

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but imagine doing it during a pandemic. It’s not as easy as you might think. You have to be aware of many things and prepare for them in advance. In this article post, you’ll learn how to organize your wedding during the pandemic so that you can have a stress-free wedding day!

Check your local news for updates

You need to stay informed of what’s going on with the pandemic, by checking your local news. The wedding can be postponed if there is a major outbreak or risk of infection to guests and wedding party members. You need to take precautions for yourself and contact wedding parties about their vaccination status as some vaccinations are not 100% effective against Covid-19. 

If you have any doubts about postponing the wedding, err on the side of caution. You may postpone it just in case something happens later down the road that prevents postponement. If you’re worried about wedding party members not being able to make it, an easy solution is to have a videographer. This way they can be there in spirit and the wedding video will last a lifetime for those who are unable to attend due to travel restrictions or illness. 

Have a small ceremony

A small wedding nowadays might be just a wedding at the courthouse. This is because people are not really getting married during this pandemic since they’re worried about the wedding being canceled due to illness or death. 

However, if you want to have an elaborate wedding with many guests and expensive food, then it might be best for you to wait until after the pandemic has run its course. The guest count is 50 or less, according to Yeah Weddings and it still has all the aspects of a regular wedding. This way you’ll be both safe and have a ceremony, only not of the size you may have wanted in the beginning. 

Get wedding insurance for Covid-19

Getting insurance for Covid-19 is a good idea if you’re planning on getting married. You’ll be able to get wedding insurance for Covid-19 and enjoy your wedding that much more.

There are wedding insurance companies that offer Covid-19 wedding insurance. They will provide a policy that includes coverage for the risk of contracting and being hospitalized with Covid-19 during your wedding celebration, as well as coverage for the costs associated with canceling or postponing your wedding because of pandemic hospitalization.

Make sure everyone is vaccinated

If you and your guests are vaccinated there is a much lower risk of contracting the virus. You’ll also be helping to protect your wedding guests on the day, not to mention any future children you may have.

Include a note In the wedding invitations with information about covid-19 and encourage people who are unvaccinated or unsure if they should get vaccinated to contact their GP before attending the wedding. Discuss vaccination plans in advance with your venue: ensure that there is access available for vaccinations during the wedding so that all of your guests will be able to get one.

Here is a list of reasons why everyone at a wedding should get vaccinated:

  • guests will be more protected from the virus
  • attendees might not need to take time off work for recovery 
  • if there is a baby on the way, you’ll know that both parents are immune so they won’t potentially pass covid-19 onto it during delivery
  • overall safety 
  • protecting older guests

Understand the risks of a pandemic

The risks of organizing a wedding during the pandemic are different for every wedding. If you have invitations that were sent out before the date of the pandemic, then most likely your wedding will go on as planned. However, if this is not true and your wedding occurred after it had started, then the risk increases dramatically 

If your wedding falls in either category above or there has been a previous discussion about canceling weddings due to the pandemic, then proceed with caution and plan specific tasks depending on whether you need to cancel or continue with your wedding plans.

Have a backup plan for the ceremony

A backup plan for the wedding ceremony that will be immune to covid-19 could include turning a wedding into an intimate event or holding it at home. This way, there is no chance that attendees will get infected.

Most wedding ceremonies take place in a church, hotel, or synagogue and those locations are likely to be infected with covid-19. However, some wedding receptions can provide the same level of intimacy as wedding ceremonies without exposing guests to the virus because they happen at home or on private property away from other people. 

Find ways to keep your guests comfortable

Don’t let your guests be scared away by the pandemic. You can use wedding favors or wedding decorations to remind guests that your wedding is still going on and they’re invited! Place a sign at the entrance “welcome, please wash hands”, assure them everything’s fine. Hand out hand sanitizers and tissues.

Planning a wedding under these circumstances is not easy, but not that hard either. Make sure you know what’s going on in your community, have a smaller wedding where you will ensure your guests are vaccinated and not panicking. You also might want to get insured. Good luck.