How to Pick Out the Perfect Cricket Bat

For an amateur cricketer, there is no bigger decision than picking out the perfect bat. They may all look the same at first glance, but finding the right shape and size for your particular style could have a huge impact on your success as a batsman.

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Any old bat will not do and finding the right one can take some time, but here are the key aspects that you must consider when buying a new bat from a specialist like Talent Cricket.


You will, obviously, need a bat that is the right size for your particular height. There are recommended sizes for different heights to keep in mind so always check the size before purchasing.


Perhaps most important is the weight of the bat. If it is too heavy you will struggle to play shots and react in time. A good method for testing whether or not it is the right weight for you is to play a few test swings and practice pick-ups. You should also hold the bat at arm’s length with your weaker arm – you should not tire too quickly with the correct weight.


Following on from this, the pick-up is very important as this determines bat control. This is done by the batsman’s top hand on the handle (weak hand). You should be able to play strokes with this hand alone for complete control over the bat. Batsmen have personal preferences when it comes to pick-up, so it is worth trying a few different bats to find out which works best for you.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on the bat is the position where performance is maximised. This is towards the bottom of the bat where the wood is at its thickest – not only can this generate more power, but it can also take the sting out of playing shots. Consider where on the bat you hit the most and choose a sweet spot in a similar area for the best results.


You could have the greatest blade in the world, but if the handle is poorly constructed then you will never succeed. The handle should be centred with the blade otherwise the grip will be uneven and the weight not properly distributed. You should also be able to comfortably wrap your hands around the handle. Rubber grip provides extra control and comfort whilst bats reinforced with titanium are great for added power and control.

Keep these crucial factors in mind when browsing for a new bat and it should help you to find one that can elevate your game and help you to succeed at the crease.